• Spring

  • Rubberised Coirs

  • Polyurethene Foam

To cater to the top end of the market, we have the Duroflex range of spring mattresses. For this we ensure that our processes are comparable to the best available world-wide. In Duroflex spring, we have both Pocketed spring and Bonnnel spring mattresses.



Duroflex Pocketed spring mattress use imported springs with German technology, set in individual non-woven pockets. The pockets are connected to maintain mattress shape and firmness. Each spring handles weight independently. The pocketed spring comes with 3-5 zone different tension zones to efficiently support the different pressure points of your body. Multiple layers of high-density foam impart a softer touch, while natural latex provides a sophisticated finish to the mattress. A knitted quilted top provides you a rich, comfortable experience.



Duroflex Bonnel spring mattress use imported springs with German technology. Each hourglass-shaped spring is interconnected to provide initial compression and optimal support. The inner spring cores are padded with rubberized coir to provide firmness. And furnished with multiple layers of foam, in different densities, to ensure a soft feel. Jacquard fabric quilted with Italian MECA and Gribetz machine impart the final soft, rich feel. The Duroflex Bonnel Spring range also comes with the option of a pillow-top, for softer, more luxurious comfort.


From our very inception, innovation, technology and quality have been the key drivers. From the sourcing to the delivery, we ensure that at each step, our standards are maintained. We source only the very best coconut fibre. This is cured in a hot chamber to give it natural curl, hardness and enhanced bounce. The curled coir ropes are then opened, carded and fashioned into sheets with a natural, springy structure. The sheets are sprayed with natural rubber latex to form fleeces. The fleeces are dried, cut, placed in layers, hot pressed and vulcanized. The result is a resilient form that is durable, firm, non-absorbent, allows air circulation and provides natural comfort.

Production is closely controlled with treatment processes like latex compounding, rubberizing, vulcanizing, hot pressing, cutting and finishing. All materials used in the process, are FDA approved and every quality check is attended to in-house. These cut, bare rubberized coir blocks are furnished with quality cloth in attractive designs and patterns to blend aesthetics, comfort and quality. This is done by skilled, experienced workers using imported, sophisticated.

Skilled and proficient workers and a qualified, experienced team of technocrats come together to achieve our commitment to quality with each of our products.To manufacture Duroflex Polyurethene Foam (pure flexible PUF), we have the necessary infrastructure in-house. Flexible polyether PUF is produced in a continuous slab stock maxfoam machine, which incorporates the latest in foaming technology. As the flow of chemicals and machine settings are fully controlled, we are able to produce foam of a consistent quality. In a wide variety of grades, from densities varying between 9kg/m3 up to 50kg/m3.


On a maxfoam machine, freshly mixed chemicals are piped from a mixer into a bottom fed metal trough. This is where the initial reactions take place, before the expanding foam flows on to a bottom paper which slides on an inclined fall plate. The fall plate is adapted to the necessary length and configuration so that the foam will reach the horizontal conveyor as a fully expanded slab. The foaming trough evenly distributes the foam compound between the side walls, where the surface of the slab follows the side paper in a nearly horizontal line.


The quality of our maxfoam blocks are much better as compared to ordinary machines as maxfoam blocks can be produced at lower catalyst levels. And show better density distribution and ILD values. Without the use of any additional sustrates, it is possible to produce a block with rectangular cross sections. Consequently the relative scrap loss from the foam block are lower than that of a conventional block.


The continuous foam produced is cut into smaller blocks using various automatic and block cutting machines that cut the foam into various shapes as per market requirements.The result of all these, are Duroflex PUF sheets and cushions with high resilience and excellent breathability. They provide comfort and support with good tear resistance and tensile strength.



Duroflex is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. This certification has been administered for Duroflex by the American Quality Accessors (AQA). We are also members of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and therefore updated on the latest developments in quality and technology in the category.

We have always endeavored to establish, implement and continually improve quality management systems. As a result, we have been able to ensure that market returns never exceed 0.7% of the total sales.Continuous up gradation of facilities, up gradation of skills and introduction of state-of-the-art technology ensure that we are able to provide the best product at the best price while meeting all specifications and statutory requirements.