Natural and More. This luxury range of Pillow Top mattress is crafted to perfection with ultra comfortable PU Foam quilting on a layer of 100% natural Pincore latéx foam. The 3-Zone Pocketed Spring core is cased with PU Foam for side reinforcement and layered with PU Foam on top and bottom for that naturally great sleep.

  • Construction details

    1.PU Foam top quilting5.3-Zone Pocket Spring core
    2.Pincore Latéx Foam layer6.PU Foam layer
    3.Super Soft PU Foam layer7.Knitted Cotton fabric furnishing
    4.PU Foam layer
  • Features

    • Full Prone Support content

      Full Prone Support
    • 3 Zone Pocket Spring content

      3 Zone Pocket Spring
    • Antimicrobial content

    • Side Reinforcement System content

      Side Reinforcement System
    • Compacted Resistance System Latéx content

      Compacted Resilience Latex
    • 3-Zone Latéx content

      3-Zone Latéx
  • Warranty

Features Features: Full Prone Support, 3 Zone Pocket Spring, Antimicrobial, Side Reinforcement System, Compacted Resilience Latex, 3-Zone Latéx
Layers Number of layers: 7
Layer1: PU Foam top quilting
Layer2: Pincore Latéx Foam layer
Layer3: Super Soft PU Foam layer
Layer4: PU Foam layer
Layer5: 3-Zone Pocket Spring core
Layer6: PU Foam layer
Layer7: Knitted Cotton fabric furnishing
Warranty Card: Warranty 10 Card