New Luxury. This Pocket Spring mattress is designed with 3-Zoned Pocketed Spring core cased with PU Foam for side reinforcement. This core is sandwiched between soft PU Foam on top and bottom and furnished with luxurious foam quilting for new sleep experience.

  • Construction details

    1.PU Foam quilting5.PU Foam quilting
    2.PU Foam layer
    3.3-Zone Pocket Spring core
    4.PU Foam layer
  • Features

    • Full Prone Support content

      Full Prone Support
    • 3 Zone Pocket Spring content

      3 Zone Pocket Spring
    • Antimicrobial content

    • Compacted Resistance System content

      Compacted Resilience
    • Side Reinforcement System content

      Side Reinforcement System
  • Warranty

Features Features: Full Prone Support, 3 Zone Pocket Spring, Antimicrobial, Compacted Resilience, Side Reinforcement System
Layers Number of layers: 5
Layer1: PU Foam quilting
Layer2: PU Foam layer
Layer3: 3-Zone Pocket Spring core
Layer4: PU Foam layer
Layer5: PU Foam quilting
Warranty Card: Warranty 5 Card