Sleep is very important for us. It helps us to recharge physically, mentally and emotionally. Having a good sleep is very important for our general well-being. It is very important to choose the right bedsheets to complete and complement your sleep, bed and bedroom. This is why we recommend Duroflex Antibacterial Bedsheets over other popular bedsheets. These bedsheets are made from the best quality materials and are trusted by millions of people all across the world. You can buy Duroflex Antibacterial Bedsheets online and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Bedsheets are the second most important part of a bed. They go over the mattress. The mattress provides comfort while the bedsheet protects the mattress from moisture, dust and the sweat from the body. Buy antibacterial 100% cotton bedsheet from Duroflex which will make you feel good and lead to good sleep.

No, a mattress protector is not the same as a bedsheet. A bedsheet is material that is placed over the mattress. It is usually used to cover up the mattress to maintain hygiene. A mattress protector is a layer of soft material which is put over the mattress. It is used to protect the mattress from damage due to spills or stains. They are easily removable and can be washed separately. A mattress protector is soft to touch. It is transparent and is used with any type of mattress. Buy Duroflex Duro Safe - Antiviral Mattress Protector that ensures the mattress is protected against all sorts of damage. It is waterproof and stain proof, and is safe for skin.

Cotton is a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature as it absorbs body heat. It is a dually woven material, which is why it is stronger and more durable than other fibers. Cotton bedsheets are great for those who have sensitive skin or those with allergies. It helps those who suffer from those conditions as it is hypoallergenic and helps prevent skin irritation. There are a wide variety of cotton bedsheets that can be purchased online. Try our 100% cotton antibacterial bedsheets. They are best in quality and come at an affordable price range.

The thread count in a bedsheet is an indicator of how many horizontal and vertical threads there are in a square inch of the fabric. For bedsheets, the higher the number, the more durable and soft they will be. Bedsheets with a higher thread count are also more durable and retain their softness and elasticity for a longer time. Duroflex has come up with a 100% Cotton Antibacterial Bedsheet Set with 144 TC. They are of the best quality and are highly durable.