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A conventional double bed mattress measures 135cm wide by 190cm long. This is 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long in imperial measurements. They're great for two people because they're the most typical size for a bed and mattress, especially when bedroom space is limited.At Duroflex, you can buy a double bed mattress in different sizes ranging from 72 X 42 to 78 X 48.

In India, a standard double mattress size is 54″ X 75″. We at Duroflex offer a double bed mattress in different sizes ranging from 72 X 42 to 78 X 48. Our mattresses are 18cm in height.

The price of a mattress is dependent on various factors including the material, the thickness, the height, the size, and even the brand. A double bed mattress at Duroflex is priced at a range from Rs.5000 up to Rs.60000. Choose the right double bed mattress that suits you from our varied collections.

Yes, you can buy a mattress double bed online from the Duroflex website. Choose from the different types of products listed on our websites including mattresses, bed linen, furniture, beds, and many more. Choose your perfect double bed mattress from the various options available on our website. You can enjoy discounts on our website. You will also get a free duro safe mattress protector when you buy our mattress. Get your double bed mattress delivered at your doorstep at no extra cost.