10 Different Types of Recliners for Your Living Room

Recliner chair have become top choices when it comes to comfort-meeting style. If you love to experience ultimate relaxation and unwinding after a long and tiring day, you need a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the peace. Recliners have now come a long way by evolving into versatile and sophisticated seating options that meet several needs and preferences. They come in various lavish fabrics with so many useful modern features.

If you are looking for a recliner which fits with your living space aesthetic and preferences, you will be dazed by the range available for decorating your living room with classy yet comfortable recliners. In this article, we will explore ten different types of recliners that can elevate your relaxation and add style to your living space.

What are Recliners?

A Recliner, also known as a barcalounger, is mainly a seating chair, armchair, or sofa that can lean back when a person sits on it, lowers its backrest and raises its footrest. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort and cosiness of the occupant. It consists of a backrest that can tilt back, a comfortable, stuffed body, and a footrest that gets extended at your convenience.

Recliners are available in various shapes, sizes, and types. Each recliner is made for different purposes like reclining, swivelling, rocking, massaging, and lifting. The side rails of a recliner are connected to the armrests with hinges, due to which the armrests can hold a position in front or back and up or down. The top rail connects the seat with hinges and springs, which gives you the leverage to choose between higher back support and a deeper seat.

Different types of recliners can perform a variety of functions like:

  • They can provide a warm massage.
  • They can be used as a heated chair.
  • They can provide lumbar support while you are in a leaning position.

Besides these functions, there are several other features that recliners provide.

Different Types of Recliners

When a conversation about recliners strikes up, it is usually categorised into two broad types: Manual Recliners and Electric Recliners. But actually, there is a wide range of recliners available in today’s market. So, if you are thinking of buying a recliner for redecorating your living space, keep reading so that you can choose your favourite.

  • Rocking Recliner: A Rocking Recliner rocks back and forth instead of just leaning backwards and adds more comfort while you are sitting and relaxing on the chair. The motion is built by the base of the chair, which is mounted on legs with a rocking mechanism.
    This recliner is a considerable choice for people who are willing to experience mild swaying while sitting or for those who want a cosy space to sit and relax

  • Electric Recliner: Electric Recliners or Power Recliners are not operated manually or with exertion. The various features of the recliner can be operated with the press of a button or a switch, so you can just sit back and relax in your preferred posture and angle. Electric Recliners can be operated with in-built automated motors, which can be charged by battery packs or with an electrical cord.

  • Swivel Recliner: A Swivel Recliner is one of the most fun recliners to sit and relax on. It comprises a rotating base by which the seat of the chair rotates in a 360-degree motion.
    With this, the occupant can easily spin in the axis of the chair, without getting up or moving the whole chair. You can swivel around to move in any direction, while watching the TV, for facing the window, or for talking to someone along with reclining on the chair. This is ideal for people who desire to add some fun to their chairs.

  • Push-Back Recliner: Push-Back Recliners help the person sitting on the recliner lean by just forcing pressure on the back of the recliner. It doesn't have a lever or handle to activate the reclining mechanism. You can simply push your body weight against the backrest to adjust to your desired reclining position.

  • Lift Recliner: This recliner is designed to make people stand up from a seated position. It contains an electric motor that is used to lift the seat of the chair to a nearly-standing position. Lift Recliners help people who have mobility issues, arthritis problems, or other physical disabilities.

  • Dual Recliner: Dual Recliners can accommodate two people comfortably and are ideally suitable for compact living spaces. Dual Recliners are two-seater sofas in which both individuals can recline without any issue. Each of the seating has its mechanism, which allows both of them to recline at the same time or one person to recline and the other to remain in a sitting posterior.

  • Lay-Flat Recliner: Lay-Flat Recliners can help the occupant lay flat on their back while they are relaxing so that they can enjoy ultimate cosiness and sleep. These recliners are great for relaxing after a long day.

  • Glider Recliner: These recliners are almost the same as rocker recliners. Except that instead of shifting along an arched path, gliders allow the chair to move back and forth on a linear path in a horizontal motion.

  • Wall-Hugger Recliner: Wall-Hugger recliners are made for limited spaces because they need only 4 to 6 inches of wall space. They can sit up straighter in comparison to the other chairs and have limited motion range. They are easier for resting and for getting in and out of the chair.

  • Zero Gravity Recliner: Zero Gravity Recliners consist of a mechanism that has the potential to obtain perfect weight distribution. It helps in optimising blood circulation and decreasing stress on the neck, back, and legs.

Finding the perfect recliner for your living room can transform your space into a cosy haven of relaxation. Now that you have come across and learned about the different types of recliners. You have a lot of choices to select from for your next redecoration or re-furnishing of your home. Whether you prefer a rocking motion, space-saving design, or a classic aesthetic, there is a recliner to suit every preference.

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