Double Beds

A double bed is the most needed furniture in modern bedrooms, given its various uses and available forms. While looking to buy a double bed online at a low price, one should consider the features like design, material, finish, measurements, upholstery, storage, unique features, ideal alignment of your needs, and price range. A double bed offers ample space, whether king or queen-sized. A new double bed is a good investment that will pay for itself over many years.  

A double bed is positioned halfway between a twin and a queen bed. It is a double bed with room for two individuals or one adult. It is the same size as a full-size bed, 54 inches and 75 inches long. A double bed is more significant than a twin bed but smaller than a queen bed, measuring 38 inches by 75 inches. Before the invention of queen and king-size beds, couples frequently slept in double beds. Everyone's favourite piece of furniture must be the bed. After all, it is the spot where we can unwind after a long day or relax when tired. Because comfort is generally linked to mattresses

, you should always maintain their quality. There are different types and designs available online. Here are some factors to consider that will assist you in finding the ideal double bed for yourself if you want to buy it online.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Double Bed

1. Consider The Available Space

Ensure to buy a bed that is appropriate for your room. Consider the number of individuals sleeping on the bed. This will assist you in choosing the right bed size. Choose a double bed if your room has the space for a large bed. 

2. Material Of Double Beds

Nothing can match the quality and visual appeal of solid wood beds when choosing the material for a bed. There are many different types of sturdy and traditional wooden materials, to name a few: engineered wood, Sheesham, acacia, mango wood, and solid wood. It can be carved into an infinite number of different designs and styles. Because it is sturdy, solid wood frequently becomes a heritage and is passed down from generation to generation. You can choose recycled wood to make your bed, which makes wood environmentally friendly. Also, even as the bed ages, you can have it polished for a refreshed appearance. Wood is simple to clean and maintain. 

3. Double Bed Designs for Upholstered and Non-upholstered Beds

The headboard style is another thing to consider when buying a double bed online. The designs of upholstered beds are innumerable, and it is made of leather, velvet, or any other materials available for selection. If you like a more subtle design, a non-upholstered bed is best, and these are much more cost-effective. 

4. The Interior Design of the Room

Ensure the double bed you select complements the room's design. The double bed should coordinate with the room's other furnishings. Every element of the room should match to create a picture-perfect overall appearance. Also, the bedspread you select for the bed should complement the design of the bed and not be too loud or gloomy.

5. Complementary with Other furniture in the Room

In your home, your bed shouldn't be the only unusual item of furniture. Everything on the bedroom's furniture should coordinate. A wooden bed cannot be purchased and kept with an iron nightstand. All the room's furnishings, such as the double bed, dressing table, chairs, nightstands, and closet, should complement both material and design.

6. Storage Of Double Beds

Storage areas under double beds make them more practical furniture with two uses. All the unused items can be hidden under the bed to help keep them out of sight. You can store all your extra pillows, blankets, comforters, clothing for the winter, and other items in the storage area. 

You can choose a double bed with storage based on the space in your room. There are now a few different types of storage beds available. The most common bed storage is box storage; these have built-in compartments with two to four doors at the top of the bed or on the sides. 

The built-in storage in double beds with storage drawers takes the form of large drawers underneath the bed. These include integrated sliding drawers where you can keep your belongings. This design is more practical as you don't have to lift the mattress to access the storage space. If you're a person who cares for cleanliness and wants the area underneath the bed to be open and easy to clean, it's best to opt for the double bed without storage.


Before purchasing any furniture, your budget should always be a key factor. Going overboard when buying a bed is never a good idea because many designs and varieties are available that match any budget. Therefore choose a double bed that fits your budget.

Consumers can browse through Duroflex's selection of premium double beds online, as the company specialises in doing so. You can select from various double beds online. One of the main benefits is how easy it is to purchase double beds online from Duroflex. You can browse the available options, read product descriptions, and even read reviews from other customers who have made the same purchase. 

The Types of Double Beds

There are many different kinds of latest double beds available online, including the Admire Sheesham double bed, the Synergy Sheesham bed, the Curve Sheesham bed (priced at Rs. 26,632), the Mellow Mahogany double bed with storage (priced at Rs. 30,394), the Admire Sheesham double bed with storage (priced at Rs. 31,579), and the Plush Sheesham double bed (priced at Rs. 37,632). One of the key advantages of purchasing a double bed online from Duroflex is the promise of quality, longevity, and affordability at a price that will endure for many years. If you want to purchase a double bed, you may access the best designs and find your ideal latest double bed at a reasonable price from duroflex

Choose Best Double Beds From Duroflex

A double bed is an essential component in contemporary bedrooms. One should take into account different characteristics like design, material, finish, measurements, upholstery, storage, special features, and price range when searching to get a double bed online. No matter the size, whether king or queen, a double bed has plenty of room. A double bed is a wise purchase that will yield returns over many years.

If you're seeking to buy a double bed, you may browse the best styles and select your perfect double bed from Duroflex at a fair price online. Duroflex provides the highest quality brand-new double beds with maximum durability, as well as contemporary, one-of-a-kind designs. Also, it features double beds for tiny rooms and different-styled adult double bunk beds. They specialise in both twin beds and solid wooden beds. You can browse their website for more information.


Because wood brings nature inside your home without looking out of place in a modern, contemporary setting, it is a material that is widely utilised in interiors. Here is a helpful list of the top 5 types of wood to aid you in making your choice of the best wood for double bed designs.

Oak: One of the most adaptable hardwoods is oak, which has outstanding quality, durability, a wide range of grains, and a variety of colours. When kept properly, high-quality wood endures all seasons. Oak can be stained easily, allowing you to alter it to complement your current decor. Even better, a good layer of varnish will beautifully highlight the distinctive grain of the wood.

Walnut: This is a different hardwood that is prized for its colour and exquisite grain. Because of its durability, it is an excellent alternative for furniture that will be used frequently over time. Even while walnut wood is typically a rich chocolate colour, there are also lighter and warmer tones of brown to match your surroundings. 

Teak wood: This wood is known for lasting for many years. With proper treatment, it promises sturdiness and durability. Due to its natural oil content, teak wood is also resistant to termites and other pesky pests that, like destroying wooden furniture.

Mahogany: This is one of the more popular wood types used to make bed frames. The hardwood's rich colour elevates it to the top of the premium wood category when paired with strength and durability. 

Rosewood: This wood has earned a reputation for being extravagant. Its exceptional texture and vibrant red tone add depth to a space. Rosewood is the finest choice if you want skillfully crafted bed frames that can survive a lot of use.


A double bed in your bedroom offers many wonderful benefits. First and foremost, you don't have to spend your nights by yourself. In double beds, you can spread out comfortably. Think about how much space you have to yourself to relax and do whatever you want. The following are some advantages of double beds.

  • The finest long-term investment is a bed if you use hardwoods like Sheesham, Mahogany, Walnut, Rosewood, or Teakwood for their construction. It has wonderful components that last longer than anything else in your bedroom and is resistant to rust, fungus growth, and decay. Do choose these hardwood double beds if you want one. It is better to spend money on durable items.

  • We prefer purchasing furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. In such a situation, you might think about the idea of having a double bed that is only used for sound sleep. Fortunately, double beds can now be simply changed, or a bed with extra features can be selected. Modern foldable beds, storage beds, and double beds all include wonderful mechanisms because of technological advancements.

  • You can arrange your bed as per your choice. Don't forget the storage, even if you are minimising your bedroom's furnishings, given how convenient a bed with storage is. Wool clothing and other items can be kept inside. This serves a better purpose and guarantees that there is space to store them rather than allowing the surplus to build throughout your home in unnecessary spots.


Double beds provide numerous benefits over just extra space. It also better serves furnishing objectives. There are numerous materials, styles, and designs available for double beds. It can be made of wood, metal, steel, or leather. It depends on how you have furnished your bedroom. For sleeping, a double bed is typically preferred to a single bed. Double beds are also very beneficial for kids. Kids can use this kind of bed up until they are teenagers. This kind of bed might be useful for a very long time.


The standard beds are listed below for your reference before making a purchase. The Double Bed Size measures 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) in length and 48 inches (1.22 m) in breadth. Queen Size Bed measures 72 to 75 inches (1.83m to 1.91m) in length and 60 or 66 inches (1.52m or 1.68 m) in breadth. King Size Bed measures 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) in length and 72 inches (1.8 m) in breadth.

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What advantages can double beds offer?

Can two people fit in a double bed?

A double bed is often known as a full mattress that can accommodate two people. It is traditionally considered the appropriate bed size for couples because it leaves room for other furnishings in the master bedroom.

Are double and full beds equivalent?

The terms full and double are merely two terms for the exact bed size, and the two names are still used interchangeably by mattress companies because they are well-known.

What is the average size of a double bed?

Double beds and mattresses are 4 feet 6 inches broad and 6 feet 3 inches long, or 135 cm by 190 cm. Because they are the most common size for a bed and mattress, double beds are ideal for two people and fit in most bedrooms.

Is purchasing double bed furniture online secure?

If you purchase a double bed online from a reputable company like Duroflex, then the purchase is safe. There are numerous furniture brands available online. One of them, Duroflex, stands out for having beds made with comfort and quality in mind, and they deliver that using premium timber and designs because they are a trusted brand.