Orthopedic Support

The pillows are scientifically designed to cradle the neck and keep it in a neutral position along with providing exceptional pressure relief. They adjust to the natural curvature of your head and neck, helping you achieve the right sleeping position.

Cool Gel Technology

The Duropedic range of pillows come infused with unique cool gel. This helps in maintaining a relaxing and healthy sleep climate by naturally keeping the pillows fresh and cool for long.

Antimicrobial Cover

Pillows come encased in a soft antimicrobial fabric that safeguards them from harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites.


A good orthopedic pillow is made up of high-quality foam and gives support to your head and neck. At Duroflex, Neck Pro and Neck Balance Orthopedic MemorY Foam Pillows are scientifically engineered for the perfect neck contouring and exceptional pressure relief.

Yes, orthopedic pillows are a great choice to enjoy overall neck support. They are designed to help with neck stiffness and pain by maintaining a proper neck posture during sleep.

Orthopedic pillows are known to provide optimum support and comfort to the neck by cradling the head and keeping it in a neutral position. One can choose between a flat or a contoured orthopedic neck pillow to experience desired comfort and a more restorative sleep.

"Orthopedic pillows are the best option to relieve shoulder and neck pain. They are designed to help with neck stiffness and pain by maintaining a proper neck posture during sleep. "

You can choose the right orthopedic pillow by figuring out your sleep position and preference in terms of material. Side sleepers need firm pillows, whereas back and stomach sleepers need thinner pillows for optimum comfort. Memory foam is a great choice of material for orthopedic pillows as it contours as per the natural shape of your neck, giving you more personalised support.

The best pillow for you is the one that supports your neck and complements your lifestyle needs. It is recommended to pick a microfibre or memory foam pillow that aligns along the natural contours of your neck.

"No, ideally your shoulders should not rest on your pillow as it can resul in pain and discomfort in the morning. "

Most chiropractors recommend using an orthopedic support pillow that cushions your cervical spine, allowing it to remain in a neutral position for longer.

"A good quality orthopedic pillow can last you for years when properly cared for. It is however recommended to change your pillow every 24-36 months to enjoy optimum support and comfort. "

If you have not used an orthopedic pillow before, it might take up to five days to adjust to one.

Yes, you can place a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back to get extra support and maintain the normal curve of your lower back.