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  • New Arrival

    Mellow Mahogany Wood Bed with Storage

    Selling Price : ₹ 36908.00

  • Mellow Mahogany Wood Bed without Storage

    Selling Price : ₹ 22186.00

  • Soothe Engineered Wood Bed

    Soothe Engineered Wood Bed with Storage

    Selling Price : ₹ 23905.00

  • Drift Engineered Wood Bed with Storage

    Selling Price : ₹ 22680.00

  • Synergy Sheesham Wood Bed

    Selling Price : ₹ 38732.00

  • Curve Sheesham Wood Bed

    Selling Price : ₹ 38500.00

  • Plush Sheesham Wood Bed

    Selling Price : ₹ 38500.00

  • Admire Sheesham Wood Bed With Storage

    Selling Price : ₹ 33863.00

  • Admire Sheesham Wood Bed

    Selling Price : ₹ 21150.00

The next step to good sleep

We have been re-imagining the art of sleep through innovative sleep solutions and this time, we have designed the furniture that will complement our mattresses that have been proven to improve sleep with Duroflex Beds. Born from a blend of aesthetics, ergonomics and durability, these beds mirror the same standards we hold for our mattresses. These beds are built to suit your lifestyle and your unique variety of home décor.
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Prominent Features

5 Zoned Orthopedic Support - Duroflex Icon

Seasoned  Sheesham Wood

Made using high quality sheesham wood for exceptional durability and sturdiness. It is seasoned to be weatherproof and moisture-protected to reduce the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction.
Recommended by National Health Academy - Duroflex Icon

Promise of Quality

Engineered from high quality hardware and raw material for a sturdy feel, the bed features a rich honey finish to instantly elevate your bed space.
Memory Form Duropedic Mattress Collection - Duroflex  Icon

Relocation Friendly

The bed is designed with the feasibility of being reassembled anytime and anywhere for swift and hassle-free relocation.
High Density Coir - Duroflex Icon

Lifetime Warranty

The bed comes with a lifetime warranty for termite resistance.
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Contact Us

Chat with Us - Duroflex Icon

Chat with Us 

Our product team is right here to provide expert assistance and address your doubts and concerns via easy live chat
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Want to understand more about a product before you buy? Sign up for a virtual appointment to get a demo of the Duroflex experience
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Give us a call at 18001085008 to get more information about all our offerings
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Buy Wooden Beds Online at Duroflex

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom is very important. Your bedroom is one of the places in the house where you relax after a long day. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your bed, watching TV, or working, or reading, or engaging in activities of your choice. When you've had a long day at work, all you want to do when you get home is jump in bed and sleep. You need to have a good night’s sleep to start your day fresh. However, in order for this sleep to be beneficial to you, you must have the ideal bed for your bedroom.

You should have a bed that not only helps you sleep, but also works with other pieces of furniture, has some storage space, and is the perfect match for your room. It should be comfortable, and durable, as you want a bed that will last for many years with minimal care and maintenance. Duroflex has come up with wooden beds with and without storage that can provide that much needed good sleep as well as comfort. You can now buy beds online. Check out our sheesham wood beds, and engineered wood beds that are made to meet your style and comfort.

Duroflex sells Sheesham wood beds and Engineered wooden beds with and without storage space to make you feel comfortable and to keep your sleep essentials safe and organized. Our Engineered Wood Beds are relocation-friendly and appear attractive and sophisticated to meet your needs. You may buy any bed online at Duroflex, whether it's a queen-size or a king-size bed. 

Buy Sheesham Wood Beds Online at Duroflex

If you're thinking about buying a solid wood bed online, a sheesham wood beds is a great option. Storage beds are frequently purchased by people looking for smart storage solutions that don’t take up too much of floor space. With the help of a storage bed, you can organise extra bedding materials and keep them dust-free in one place, so you don't have to look for them every time you have visitors. 

Bed Price, Size, Sale at Duroflex

Price is a very important factor to consider when it comes to buying beds in online. You can buy beds online at Duroflex starting from 18,420 INR. Buy queen or king size beds online at affordable prices. Our beds are mirrored with the same size as our mattresses.

Buy any wooden bed online from our website during various festivals and sales including Dussehra, Diwali, etc where you will find exciting offers on our bed products and for other categories of products including mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, sofas & recliners, and other sleep accessories. Our beds are known for their contemporary design and durability. Duroflex beds come with a lifetime warranty for termite resistance.

Notable Features of Sheesham Wood Beds

Duroflex beds include a number of notable features. 
•  Sheesham Wood (Seasoned) 
•  Duroflex assured quality 
•  Adaptable to Change 
•  Warranty against Termite: Lifetime 

Advantages of Sheesham Wood Beds

The following are some of the primary advantages of sheesham wood furniture: 

➢Sheesham wood is sturdy and hence used for making windows and doors. 
➢Each piece of Sheesham furniture has its own unique colour and can be simply hand waxed for a flawless finish. 
➢Sheesham wood is long-lasting and resistant to dry wood termites. 
➢Sheesham wood is often used to construct cupboards and other furniture because it does not crack or warp. 
➢It is widely used for engraving because of its intrinsic resistance to degradation. 

Notable Features of Engineered Wood Beds  

Engineered wood beds from Duroflex have the following features: 

•  Engineered wood with a high density 
•  Finish: Dark chestnut 
•  Resistant to termites and wood borers 
•  Anti-scratch and anti-stain 
•  It has a storage box and a storage headboard. 
•  Relocation-friendly 
•  Certified for European Standards of Durability 

Advantages of Engineered Wood Beds

➢When compared to pure wood beds, an engineered wood bed is highly cost effective. 
➢An engineered wood bed is extremely durable and sturdy. 
➢The quality of an engineered wood bed is comparable to that of a solid wood bed. 
➢A well-made engineered wood bed may also be long-lasting and robust. 
➢If your living situation is transitory, our engineered wood bed is the ideal alternative as it is relocation-friendly. 
➢When you want to upgrade the aesthetic of your house quickly, an engineered wood bed is a fantastic option. 
➢It will almost certainly come with a lot of storage space that you can use. 
➢Engineered wood beds are a wonderful alternative to hefty hardwood beds since they are significantly lighter. 
➢Modern engineered wood beds come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any taste. 

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frequently asked questions

How to buy a new bed?
You can buy a new bed both online or offline. If you are planning to buy beds online, visit our website and place your order for the bed of your choice. We will ensure that your product reaches you safely at your doorstep. Buy sheesham wood beds online from Duroflex at the best price.
Which type of bed is good for sleeping?
Comfort is a great factor when it comes to getting a good sleep. A comfortable bed with a good mattress is essential for the same. Buy our engineered wooden beds or sheesham wood beds online at low prices.
What size bed is best for couples?
A king size bed is the perfect choice for couples. The King bed provides 8” more area per person than a Queen bed, making it perfect for master bedrooms. It may be too big for some rooms. If your room is compact, you can choose a queen size bed. Check out king sized bed or queen sized bed of your choice from Duroflex beds online.
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