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Sofa Sets

  • Ease Grey Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 8068.00

  • Zivo Grey Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 11141.00

  • Ease Brown Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 8068.00

  • Ease Biege Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 8068.00

  • Zivo Brown Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 11141.00

  • Utopia Grey Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 15278.00

  • Zivo Biege Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 11141.00

  • Utopia Biege Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 15278.00

  • Utopia Blue Fabric Sofa

    Selling Price : ₹ 15278.00

Buy Sofa Sets Online

Sofas sets have become an integral part of a living room. A Sofa is a very special piece of furniture because it connects together all kinds of memories, whether they’re from hangouts with friends, family reunions, or any surprise visitors. Furthermore, compared to placing multiple chairs, a sofa set is a more organized setting and takes up lesser floor space. Also, it comes as a set, so you won't have to spend as much time mixing and matching as you would with multiple chairs. As a result, adding a luxurious sofa set and a stunning centrepiece to your living room is a must. 

Duroflex has introduced affordable one seater, two seater, & three seater fabric sofa sets online.  

Price & Availability of Sofa Sets at Duroflex

Duroflex has sofa sets starting from 9,000 INR. Price varies for one seater, two seater and three seater sofa sets. The fabric sofa sets are available in four different colors - grey, beige, blue and brown.

Advantages of Fabric Sofa Sets in your Living Room

Purchasing a new sofa or a couch may be a daunting task; with so many different colours, models, and patterns available, it's difficult to know which is a perfect fit for you and your home. One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a new sofa is whether to go with leather or fabric.

Here are the advantages of buying fabric sofa sets from Duroflex for your living room:

➢Duroflex offers 4 different color variants to choose from. There's a better chance you'll find a style that matches your home colour scheme when there's an array of options available. 

➢Our fabric sofas create a more pleasant and cosy atmosphere in the house. 

➢Duroflex fabric sofas are made from anti-warping woods, offer great back support, and are certified for European Standards of Durability. Our fabric is resistant to pilling and colour fading as well. 

Benefits of Buying Sofa Sets from Duroflex Online

We offer a 3-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects under normal household usage. Free shipping is available on products if you buy them on our website. Safe & hygienic doorstep delivery is an option, just choose the type of product you want to purchase and we'll deliver it to your door! Our sofa sets are DIY installations. EMI options are also available.

Sofa By Seating Capacity: 

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frequently asked questions

Which type of sofa set is the best?
When it comes to sofa materials, the biggest debate is always between fabric and leather or leatherette. Both of these sofa materials have pros and cons but the best fit for you is the one that suits your needs. Fabric sofas are comfortable and versatile. They are cheaper than leather fabrics so even tighter on the budget this won't be as hard to afford and lastly just because you have fabric on your couch doesn't mean you can't keep things spruced up!
How can you tell if a sofa is good quality?
Duroflex is a brand trusted for good quality for more than 50 years. Good quality is at the forefront of all our operations; We maintain the highest quality standards, use the best quality raw materials, and our products pass the best quality tests in the industry. Our Sofas are certified for European Standards of Durability and come with a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.
How much does a sofa set cost?
Price of a sofa set depends on several factors including the number of seats, fabric, frame (metal, wood, etc.) At Duroflex, you can buy fabric sofa sets starting from Rs.9000 for one seaters. The sofa sets and couches available at Duroflex are made from premium fabric upholstery, and offer great back support.
Which is the best sofa to buy in india?
No matter which brand you choose, look for the quality, durability and comfortability of the Sofa set. Check out Duroflex fabric sofa sets available online. We sell couches at affordable prices. You can buy one seater, 2 seater, 3 seater sofa sets from Duroflex.
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