We live in the age of technology, which makes things very easy for people to make the most of their time. As a result, we have a lot of accessories to make our life easier. Recliners are one of these accessories. The comfort they offer is unparalleled, and it's hard to picture a more relaxing environment than a recliner. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it also offers a wide range of features. In addition, recliners come in various styles that can complement any room.

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Buy Recliner Chair Online

We live in the age of technology, which makes things very easy for people to make the most of their time. As a result, we have a lot of accessories to make our life easier. Recliner sofa sets are one of these accessories. The comfort they offer is unparalleled, and it's hard to picture a more relaxing environment than a recliner chair . Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it also offers a wide range of features. In addition, recliners come in various styles that can complement any room.

Buy Recliner Sofa Set Online In India At Low Prices

After a hard day at work, there's nothing like relaxing on a comfortable recliner sofa. A recliner seats's coziness is unrivaled when your back and legs are stretched out. Apart from comfort, a recliner sofa  contributes a lot to your home's interior design. A reclining chair is the only piece of furniture that can boost your interiors visually. Duroflex has a wide range of reclining couches for your house, from browns to grey and beige. The most important factor is that when you buy a recliners online, you can be assured of getting high-quality furniture.

Shop For Affordable Recliners From Duroflex

Duroflex provides comfortable recliner sofa sets at inexpensive costs to let you bring home a gorgeous recliner chair without breaking your wallet. Starting at 15,480 INR, our Recliner chair prices are perfect for any budget. So when you buy a chair from us, you can be certain that you're getting a terrific recliner price and getting the most bang for your buck.In addition we are providing services to every  So buy recliner seats online today and add the utmost comfort to your house.

Recliner Sofa Set At Duroflex

A recliner sofa  is great for so many reasons,combining comfort, relaxation, versatility, and style, making it a great choice for many individuals looking to enhance their seating experience at home.  

The reclining chair by Duroflex is perfect for reading or watching TV for long hours. If you face neck pain in a profound way that makes you go tired after hunching over the computer all day, then you should be trying our recliner chair. A quick recline, and your neck pain is gone! Now you can enjoy your favorite things without having to worry about your physical health or comfort.


Have you ever sat in a recliner chair– it is a miracle for many for the first time! It is so comfortable, and you don't have to move a muscle. The recliner seats by Duroflex are the same way – as soon as you sit down, you'll forget all about sitting up. Sitting up is something you'll probably never want to do again!

Features Of Recliner Chairs At Duroflex

●Trusted Duroflex foam

●Anti-warping pine wood frame

●Manual Recliner chair

●Plush comfort

●3 reclining settings

●Certified for International durability standards

Advantages Of Having A Recliner At Home

In addition to comfort and health, there are other advantages to owning a recliner sofa by Duroflex. It saves space! A Recliner by Duroflex can fit into any tight area. You can sit in the middle of the living room and watch TV, or you can use it for relaxing in your bedroom!

 The reclining mechanism is lightweight and easy to use. The thing is, it may be easy, but you'll never want to get up from your Recliner. Instead, you can sit down in a matter of seconds and relax for hours. The only issue with the Recliner sofa is that it won't recline any further than your back. But this is a great problem to have!

Benefits Of Recliners

There are many benefits to owning an electric reclining chair by Duroflex. And recliners are perfect for things like watching TV or reading, but there are certainly other ways to use them.


You can use your recliner chair  in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom... anywhere! The best part is that you'll never get tired of sitting down; instead, you'll spend all day thinking about the next time you can sit back and relax.


The prime benefits of recliner sofas  from Duroflex are:

●1-year warranty

●Free shipping

●DIY assembly

●Safe & hygienic doorstep delivery

●EMI option available

If you'd like information about recliner chairs by Duroflex or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us.


Recliner Chair Price List

Recliner sofa price depends on a multitude of factors. These include the type, size, material used, functions, ergonomics, recliner sofa  mechanism, etc., of a recliner chair. If you plan to buy a recliner chair online, Duroflex offers comfy and cost-effective options starting at Rs. 16999.00.

Listed below are some of the best-priced recliner chairs available at Duroflex.

  • Avalon Beige Fabric recliner sofa  -  Rs. 15,999 - 16,999

  • Avalon Brown Fabric Recliner sofa  -  Rs. 15,999 - 16,999

  • Avalon - Rocking & Revolving Single Seater Fabric Recliner sofa in Twilight Blue Colour -  Rs. 21,000 - 22,000

  • Avalon - Rocking & Revolving Single SeaterFabric Recliner sofas  in Plaster Brown Colour -  Rs. 21,000 - 22,000

Size Of Recliner Sofa Sets

When buying a recliner online, you must consider the size of the recliner sofa. Here is a guide to help you get the right size of recliner chair for your living room. 

  • Sofa Depth: When measuring the depth of a sofa, the full-back of the sofa and the front of the sofa are included. A typical sofa will have a depth of about 35 inches. However, standard sofa depth measurements range from 32 to 40 inches.

  • Sofa Height: The distance between the sofa's top and bottom determines the sofa's height. The height of a standard sofa will vary based on the sofa style, but it will typically be between 26 and 36 inches.

  • Seat Depth:The amount of seating space you have on the sofa is measured by the seat depth. This measurement is made between the front and back edges of the seat. Although the seat depth can be as wide as 25 inches, standard couch measurements will fall between 21 and 22 inches.

Types Of Recliner Chairs

You must choose a recliner chair/sofa as per the required seating in your living room. Here are some of the most common options for recliner seats available.

  1. Single Seater Recliner chair
    Single-seater recliners are a perfect choice if you prefer lying low while binge-watching your favorite shows. They can be fully reclined into a supine posture, making them the ideal single-seaters for relaxing.

  2. Two Seater Recliner chair
    The 2-seater recliner couch, or the "cuddler recliner," is a masterpiece that resulted from the evolution of a conventional recliner since it allows two people to sit close together comfortably.

  3. Three Seater Recliner chair
    The three-seater recliner couch is the perfect multi-seater for the living room since it offers many people the most modern recliner sofa characteristics. These reclining sofas provide amazing back and lumbar support, making them the perfect choice for people with back issues. 

  4. Motorized recliner chair
    Manual recliner seats are the easy-to-use recliner chair option available. A pull handle attached to the side of the chair or a lever attached to the bottom can be used to operate the manual recliner sofas. These include some of the most affordable recliner chair options.

How To Measure The Quality of Recliner Chairs?

A good quality recliner chair offers the best-in-class comfort and ergonomics. The sole purpose of a recliner chair is to offer you a comfy spot to relax due to its large plush cushions and versatility to recline into multiple positions. Modern recliner chairs are designed with various functions that assist in relieving muscle and joint pain by supporting important pressure points in the body.

Fabric recliner sofas are available in various designs and fabrics to suit various living areas, from playrooms to conventional living rooms. So, a good quality recliner chair is the most comfortable one.

Choose the Best Recliner sofa for Your Home

The following qualities characterize the ideal reclining chair:

  • A good quality electric recliner sofa provides you with the extra comfort you need after a long, tiring day.

  • A recliner chair should be simple to use.

  • An ideal recliner chair is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the atmosphere.

  • You can also choose a small recliner chair for limited space. Such recliners are extra comfy.

Materials Used In Recliner Chair

Chiefly, the listed two materials are most widely used in making reclining chairs:

  • Leather: Leather is always fashionable and elegant in any setting. It is durable by nature, lasts a long period, and is simple to clean. Regular maintenance will address leather's modest susceptibility to sunlight and potential for absorbing oils and grease from hands.

  • Fabric: Whether you prefer natural or synthetic fabrics will influence which is ideal for a recliner chair. People with allergies or sensitive skin may benefit from natural materials.

How to Clean Your Recliner Chair?

Follow the steps listed below to clean your recliner chair:

1. Use safe solvents to clean upholstered recliner sofa.

2. Spritz the recliner sofa using an upholstery cleaner with a solvent base. Give it the suggested amount of time to sit.

3. Scrub the recliner sofa with a stiff-bristled brush to remove any stains or ingrained debris. With a moist towel, remove the surplus.

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Is a recliner chair good for back pain?

A recliner chair can be good for back pain as it allows the back to rest in a supported position, which can help alleviate pressure on the spine. Additionally, some recliners offer adjustable lumbar support and footrests, which can further enhance comfort and reduce back pain.

Is it ok to sleep on a recliner sofa ?

It is generally okay to sleep in a recliner for short periods, but it is not recommended as a long-term sleep solution. Sleeping in a recliner can put strain on the neck and back, leading to discomfort and pain.

Are electric recliner chairs good for health?

Recliners can have health benefits as they can help alleviate back pain, improve circulation, and reduce swelling in the legs. Additionally, recliners with massage or heat features can further enhance relaxation and comfort.

How to make a recliner chair higher?

A recliner's height is normally changeable by adjusting the nuts and bolts at the chair's bottom. However, changing or adding a seat cushion is the simplest and most secure option to elevate the chair.

What is a recliner seat?

Recliners are upholstered armchairs that have a tilt-back feature and typically have an outward-extending footrest. There are different types of recliners available that can go with any setting.

What sofa recliners do chiropractors recommend?

Generally chiropractors recommend plush recliners which have a good quality of foam.

How much does a good recliner chair cost?

A good recliner comes between Rs.12,000 -18,000 and any additional features or upgrades will come at an extra cost

Which recliner is the most comfortable?

The most comfortable recliner will be the one that is made using high-quality foam and soft upholstered fabric. It is recommended to go for a trusted brand.

What is the best recliner sofa single on the market?

You can evaluate the recliner on the basis of your need and usage as it differs from person to person. Explore Duroflex's range of recliners for cozy comfort and free doorstep delivery.