Modern Single Seater Sofa Chair

No matter the size of your living room, a sofa is an important piece of furniture. Not only does it give the much-needed seating options, but it also creates a great vibe to the space. A modern one seater sofa is an ideal seating solution for all types of living rooms and sizes. Duroflex presents a unique range of single seater couch that is a seating option and create an excellent focal point for your living room. However, since our range of collections come in many styles, sizes and colours it becomes a challenge to buy the perfect one. To ensure that the chair you choose for your space is the perfect fit, here are a few things to consider. But before that, what makes these trendy?

Why Choose A 1 Seater Sofa?

Single is not a lack of options but a choice for many as it is trendy. The Duroflex single sofa seater is a testimony of that fact. It exudes luxury and opulence and looks and feels distinct from the crowd. With the advent of urban compact homes, the days of buying heavy furniture that occupies a large amount of space are gone.

It is minimalistic but functional: Minimalism has not become extremely popular now more than ever. The elaborate, overfurnished sofa is no longer in style, and people are embracing the solid, neutral or bold coloured sofas for their living room.

Less is the new more: When it comes to design styles, less is more. The millennials and people with a modern outlook prefer compact styles to elaborate ones. More and more people, even those with enough space, are opting for single sofa sets to keep the space looking spacious.

Reflects individuality: The single seater sofa is equal to that of the regular sofas. It is like individual heaven for the person who is using it not only as a comfortable seat but also for a mid-noon nap. Though sharing is caring, this seating arrangement allows you to lounge the way you want without disturbing others or getting disturbed by others. The stylish Duroflex single-seaters add a touch of elegance and reflect your style and personality.

Perfect to lounge: Our modern single seater sofa is a perfect option for lounging in your living room or any other room. You can use the space to work on your projects, enjoy music or simply relax after an exhausting day at work. It is also ideal for people who prefer to not share their seats with anyone. Our comfortable range of single-seaters also suits all kinds of decor.

Factors to Consider before you Buy Single Seater Sofa

When buying any new sofa, including the single-seater sofa, you should buy the best quality products as it lasts for years. Although many brands offer sofas online that look and feel solid, the actual quality can be known only after understanding the materials used and the process of fabrication. Here are some factors to consider before you buy 1 seater sofa.

Comfort: When selecting any latest Single seater sofa design, comfort is of great importance. Ensure to check all the corners of the sofa and not just the middle and the back. Many manufacturers neglect the corners and do not offer the same depth and size of the filling. Also, the corners and edges should be smooth without anything poking.

Frame quality: The quality of the material used for constructing the frame determines the durability and sturdiness of the sofa. Low-grade sofas are made from plywoods, whereas hardwood sofas make for a good quality frame. Additionally, when buying a sofa, it is recommended that you choose wooden legs rather than metal legs as they can damage the flooring.

Infill material: Premium quality sofas use infill material that gives a soft and comfortable feel. Look for a sofa with high-quality foam wrapped around the springs so that the wooden frame is not felt while sitting. Check the sides and the arms for padding to get maximum comfort.

Upholstery: Look for an upholstery material that does not need much maintenance and can endure basic wear and tear. Opt for fabrics like cotton as they are comfortable and breathable, making them suitable for Indian summers. Also, opt for a fabric that is resistant to stains and is easy to maintain.

Look for a warranty period: Check if the sofa has a good warranty period for replacement or repair of the sofa if there are any defects. Depending on the cost and type of sofa, the warranty period varies.

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Duroflex offers a wide range of single sofa designs and styles that suit all budget types. Duroflex is a trusted sleeping solutions brand synonymous with quality, comfort and customer-friendly prices. The sofas are also manufactured, keeping quality, comfort and price in mind. Whatsmore, the sofas are available online at great discount prices. So now it the time to buy that Single Seater sofa for Bedroom or living room.


A single seater sofa is a versatile piece of furniture and it can be placed in many ways. You can put it in front of a TV if regular gaming or binge watching is your thing, under a light or next to a floor lamp for reading or beside a centre table for simply relaxing in.

Different materials are used to make a sofa. There is a sofa frame which is usually made from solid wood, foam and upholstery fabric.

A single seater sofa is often also called an armchair or one person couch.

A 2 seater sofa is a good pick for a small living room as it is recommended to look for a sofa that's about two thirds the size of the entire room.