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Often you need a little breathing room, and sleeping is no exception. The absence of ample space for your movements can be a disruption to a peaceful sleep, especially if you are someone who tosses and turns or sleeps diagonally.Hence, it's good to be king!

A king-size mattress, which can easily accommodate two sleepers with room to spare, is difficult to argue with. King size mattresses, which are significantly larger than other mattress sizes, provide the ultimate comfort for individuals with enough floor space. Having a good space to rest and sleep is one of the best investments one can make, because we spend one-third of our life asleep.

According to a 2016 research conducted by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), almost 25% people sleep on a king mattress. King mattresses are now gaining more popularity. Check out our king size mattress collections and buy a king size mattress online at Duroflex at an affordable price.

Offers & Prices of King Size Mattresses at Duroflex

King size mattress price at Duroflex starts from Rs.5500. You will also get a duro safe mattress protector absolutely free when you buy king size mattresses online. All our mattresses come with a 7 to 10 years warranty and free shipping.

Advantages of King Size Mattresses

A king size mattress is the best choice for 2 sleepers.It is due to the amount of sleeping space available to each sleeper. On a king mattress, there's just so much room!

Excellent for Those Who Can't Get Enough Sleep: If you have health issues such as arthritis or joint pains, you may find it difficult to sleep in a somewhat stable or motionless position. As a result, a king-sized mattress would be an excellent solution for getting a good night's sleep. Arthritis can flare up quickly if your joints are immobilized for a lengthy length of time, such as while sleeping. It also has other health benefits, including alleviating pressure points, regardless of sleeping position. Because there is adequate room to move around, it helps with pain caused by the neck, back, or shoulder problems.

Bed for the whole family: If you have children or a pet, a king-sized mattress would be the ideal location for your family to reconnect and rest on a relaxing weekend. What better way to spend a relaxing afternoon than turning on the television and having a family movie marathon?

Pocket Spring Mattress: Individually pocketed springs ensure that no motion is transferred across the mattress, resulting in no disturbance. Body support and contouring are considerably improved with 3-zoned pocket spring mattresses. Air circulation is improved by spring mattresses. This keeps the mattress cool, clean, and fresh. Pocket springs mattresses are also extremely durable.

Adaptable Design: There are many choices available in King sized mattresses today..Based on your requirement, you will have many options for a King size mattress to choose from. This mattress will be the star of your home design as long as your bedroom has enough space for its sheer size.


The standard king size mattress dimension is 76 inch x 80 inch. At Duroflex, we have king size mattresses on all variants among the 24 mattresses. We sell king size mattresses in 3 different sizes - 72 inch X 72 inch , 75 inch X 72 inch, 78 inch X 72 inch. Choose the right one depending on your bed size online from Duroflex. Get a Duro Safe mattress protector absolutely free with every mattress purchase from Duroflex online store. You get mattresses at a height of 20cm and 25cm for the above mentioned dimensions.

At Duroflex, the width of a standard king size mattress is always 72 inches. The length can be 72 inches, 75 inches or 78 inches. You can refer to our mattress buying guide to know more about the size and dimension of our mattresses which will help you find the right size based on your bed.

King size beds are ideal for couples seeking additional sleeping space, or space to share with children and pets. At Duroflex, the King size mattresses are the largest mattress size available measuring 72 inch X 72 inch, 75 inch X 72 inch, and 78 inch X 72 inch. We also have provision for customised mattresses.

Price of a mattress online depends on various factors including the material, size, dimension and the brand. At Duroflex, we have king size mattresses starting from Rs.5500 up to Rs.60,000. We provide mattresses like orthopedic mattresses that have immense health benefits. We also have environmentally-friendly mattresses for those who look for natural mattresses.