Foam mattresses have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Memory foam mattresses are often preferred due to their comfort levels, which range from soft to firm, and their ability to alleviate back pain and neck pain. Additionally, they can serve as suitable options for regular mattress use. Memory foam bed mattresses are the most common among all the different types of mattresses available in the market. These memory foam bed mattresses are highly comfortable, and durable, and offer the right body support as per the contours of your body for a rejuvenating sleep.


Memory foam mattresses are considerably softer and thicker than other mattresses. Hence, they can be a good choice for everyone in the family, including kids and older adults. Duroflex provides you the advantage of buying our Memory Foam Mattress online. In addition, you get a Duro safe mattress protector free when you order any of our memory foam beds. There are many benefits of using a memory foam mattress. 

1. Pressure Relief: Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to conform to the shape of your body, providing excellent pressure relief. The foam reacts to your body heat and weight, allowing it to mold to your contours and alleviate pressure points. This can help reduce discomfort and pain, especially for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis or chronic back pain.

2. Spinal Alignment: Memory foam mattresses promote proper spinal alignment by evenly distributing your body weight. They provide support to the natural curves of your spine, helping to maintain a neutral posture during sleep. This can be particularly beneficial for people with back or neck issues.

3. Motion Isolation: Memory foam mattress has excellent motion isolation properties, meaning that it absorbs and minimizes motion transfer. If you share your bed with a partner who tends to toss and turn during the night, a memory foam mattress can help minimize the disturbance caused by their movements, allowing you to enjoy more uninterrupted sleep.

4. Allergy-Friendly: Memory foam mattresses are resistant to dust mites and mold, making them a good choice for individuals with allergies or asthma. The dense structure of memory foam makes it difficult for allergens to accumulate, reducing the risk of triggering allergic reactions.

5. Durability: High-quality memory foam mattresses can be quite durable, retaining their shape and support for a longer period. While the lifespan can vary depending on the specific mattress and usage, a well-maintained memory foam mattress can provide several years of comfortable sleep.

6. Customized Comfort: Memory foam mattresses come in various firmness levels, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a plush, medium, or firm feel, there is likely a memory foam mattress that can cater to your specific comfort needs.

7. Reduced Motion Transfer: Memory foam mattress ability to absorb and isolate motion can be particularly beneficial for couples or individuals who share a bed. It minimizes the impact of movement, allowing for a more peaceful sleep experience.


● It adjusts according to one's body temperature and weight because it is a temperature- and pressure-sensitive material. The foam mattress gets heated up from your body temperature, thus softening and molding your body for optimal comfort.

● It provides relief from back pain due to its ability to contour to your body. It fills the space around those body parts like the lower back that usually does not support it. The foam molds itself to warm those areas of discomfort and provides equal weight distribution, which provides pressure point relief.

● Memory foam mattress absorbs motion, thus not letting you know the toss and turns that your partner does while sleeping. In addition, a memory foam mattress makes it hard to disturb the other person in bed.

●Memory foam beds are hypoallergenic. This is because they are made from inorganic fibers resistant to dust mites, pet dander, and other common allergens.

● Proper spinal alignment is yet another benefit of using memory foam mattresses. Good posture during sleep is very important. But, most of us land up in bad posture while sleeping, leading to exacerbated back pain, soreness, and other health issues.

● Proper spinal alignment is yet another benefit of using memory foam beds mattresses. Good posture during sleep is very important. But, most of us land up in bad posture while sleeping, leading to exacerbated back pain, soreness, and other health issues.

● Different people are comfortable with different sleeping positions. Some are back sleepers, some side sleepers, and others sleep on their stomach! No matter what position you are comfortable with, memory foam mattresses are comfortable for any sleeping position like other mattresses.

● Memory foam mattresses are highly durable and have a longer life span when compared to other types of mattresses.

● Memory foam mattresses are the best fit for any bed size. It is highly moldable, and provides an individualized sleeping position with supportive powers.


Duroflex provides you with the comfort of eight different types of memory foam mattresses. All you need to do is to choose the right one.

● Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

● LiveIn Memory Foam Mattress

● LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

● NRG 20 Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress

● NRG 40 Cube Cell Memory Foam Mattress

● Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress

● Pulse memory foam beds

● Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress

1. Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress - It is made up of knitted fabric with memory foam quilting, 5 zoned orthopedic support layers and jacquard woven fabric. It offers the right level for firm body support to protect the back from curving, eliminating pressure build-up, and improving blood circulation.The balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress price range starts from Rs. 11000

2. LiveIn Memory Foam Mattress - It is a memory foam mattress that offers a medium-firm comfort level and is the best choice for most sleepers. It provides you the back support, and gives light cushioning for the perfect comfort. This mattress packs in contouring comfort, superior support, the right amount of bounce, and pressure relief for a wholesome sleep. It also features triple Antimicrobial Treatment that helps keep harmful bacteria, fungi, and dust mites at bay for a safer and healthier sleep environment. LiveIn Memory Foam Mattress price starts from Rs.6948

3. LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress - This is one of the best mattresses highly recommended by doctors. LiveIn Orthopedic mattress provides advanced back support that promises you a healthy and restful sleep. It is designed to provide spinal alignment and postural correction. In addition, it features a special Triple Anti Microbial Fabric to keep you protected and your bed space safe and hygienic. Finally, it has a 5-zoned orthopedic layer to lend enhanced support to your back, neck, and spine.LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress price starts from Rs 7687

4. NRG 20 Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress - NRG 20 is the premium pocket spring mattress from Duroflex with enhanced high-performance memory foam. This mattress features a 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer and a 3-zoned pocket spring layer to give you optimum support and the right amount of bounce. It also provides a zero-partner disturbance sleep experience.NRG 20 is made of knitted anti-stress fabric that repels negative ions for a positively charged sleep. Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress price starts from Rs. 8399

5. NRG 40 Cube Cell Memory Foam Mattress - NRG 40 Cube Cell memory foam beds come with many unique sleep technologies to give you a deep and energizing sleep. Hence we believe it is a true revelation in sleep technology. It comes with a 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer that provides optimum spinal alignment and zonal back support. It also features a specially engineered QUBE Cell Technology Layer, which has the twin benefits of plush comfort and ample resilience. In addition, this mattress also comes with anti-stress properties to give you a good night's sleep.

6. Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress - We believe Posture Perfect is the epitome of innovation for it features the contoured cushioning of memory foam and advanced 5 Zoned orthopedic support. This mattress provides perfect postural alignment, back support, and the right amount of firmness with ample resilience. It is also the best choice for absorbing the motion for a night of uninterrupted sleep.Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress price starts from Rs. 19934

7. Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress - Tested by the doctors of the National Health Academy, this mattress is highly recommended for deep sleep with Strength. It features high-density coir for firm support and natural coolness and offers 5 Zoned support. In addition, it comes with rich knitted fabric for added plushness and durability.

Check out all our mattresses here. If you are still confused about which one to buy, you can read our mattress buying guide because we believe lifestyle needs and sleep habits are what truly determine which mattress is made to lend you the perfect sleep you deserve. Strength Coir Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Price starts from Rs.11273

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Is it good to sleep on memory foam?

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress or pillow can be beneficial for many people as it provides excellent support, and pressure relief, and conforms to the body's contours. However, individual preferences may vary, so it's important to try out different sleeping surfaces to find what works best for you.

What is memory foam in a mattress?

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is viscoelastic, meaning it becomes softer and molds to the body's shape in response to heat and pressure. It is commonly used in mattresses to provide comfort, support, and pressure relief for a more restful sleep.

Is memory foam better than normal?

Whether memory foam is better than a normal mattress depends on individual preferences and needs. Memory foam mattresses offer unique benefits like pressure relief and body contouring, while traditional mattresses may provide a different level of support and firmness. It's important to consider personal comfort, sleeping position, and any specific requirements when determining which type of mattress is better for you.

How good is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are known to work well for most type of sleepers and come with up to 10 Year Warranty. They also offer promising head-to-toe support without compromising on comfort

Is memory foam soft or firm?

Just like most mattresses, memory foam mattresses are also available in different firmness options. The overall construction of the mattress is what determines how soft or firm it feels. Most memory foam mattresses are known to be softer than your average foam mattresses

Can memory foam hurt your back?

There is no reason for a good-quality memory foam mattress to hurt your back. Make sure you select the one offering the right firmness and support without compromising on quality.

Which is the best memory foam mattress?

The best memory foam mattress is the one that's made using quality materials while offering unbeatable value for money. All Duroflex Memory Foam Mattresses are designed taking these two key points into consideration. There are many types of memory foam mattresses available and one can pick based on the budget, firmness level and type of support required. Our LiveIn Bed-in-A-Box is one of the bestselling memory foam mattress online.