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tatva natural latex and coir mattress


100% Natural Latex


Naturally Cooling Coir

Full Body Support

10 Years Warranty

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Tatva is crafted using the goodness of two eco-friendly materials, natural latex and coir. The biodegradable latex layer which is naturally resilient and supportive forms the core of this mattress. This is further enhanced by the goodness and firm support for the high-density coir layer. The special pin core latex layer allows for natural air circulation, keeping the mattress fresh and hygienic. Tatva comes with a rich fabric infused with natural cotton for a cool and soft finish.



Duroflex Edge Mattress feature – High Resilience foam

100% Natural Latex

Duroflex Edge Mattress feature – High Resilience foam

Naturally Cooling Coir

Duroflex Edge Mattress feature – High Resilience foam

Ventilated Design

Duroflex Edge Mattress feature – High Resilience foam

Natural Cotton Fabric



FeaturesDetails Range Natural Living Firmness Firm Mattress Type Coir Latex Foam Latex Foam Weight 52 Kg Fabric Type Luxe feel fabric with natural cotton Best Suited For People looking for an environment friendly mattress made from 100% natural latex with an additional coir layer for advanced support Body Support Yes Orthopedic Certification No Zero Partner Disturbance No 3 Zoned Body Support No 5 Zoned Body Support No Pressure Relief Yes Dual Side Usage No Ventilation Yes Anti Sagging Yes


Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex KEEP IT PROTECTED To protect your mattress from dust, spillage and allergens always keep it covered. Best to use a mattress protector
Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex DON'T FOLD YOUR MATTRESS Doing so may damage the construction of the mattress
Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex DON'T FLIP OR TURN YOUR MATTRESS Do not flip or turn your mattress unless specified so.
Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex DON'T SMOKE IN BED It is advisable not to smoke in bed as it is a potential fire hazard.
Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex DON'T IRON ON THE MATTRESS This can cause serious damage to the outer fabric or the foam inside the mattress and is also a potential fire hazard.
Keep your Mattress Protected - Care Instructions for Edge Mattress by Duroflex DEEP CLEAN YOUR MATTRESS To have your mattress stay fresh and hygienic it is best to get professional deep cleaning done bi-annually.


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Tatva Natural Latex and Coir Mattress
Selling Price : ₹ 24,559
Regular price M.R.P: ₹ 28,453 (Inclusive of all taxes) 13% off You Save ₹ 3,894
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Sale Sold out

Get it as low as ₹ 22,331.05 using coupon "SAVENOW" & ICICI Bank offer *T&C Apply.

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BARB EMI ₹ 2500 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,083.51 (13%) ₹2,312.63 (13%) ₹1,569.04 (15%) ₹1,176.78 (15%)
CITI EMI ₹ 2500 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,138.09 (15%) ₹ 2,353.57 (15%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
HDFC CC ₹ 3000 ₹ 9,414.28 (15%) ₹ 4,707.14 (15%) ₹ 3,138.09 (15%) ₹ 2,353.57 (15%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
HSBC CC ₹ 2000 ₹ 9,414.28 (15%) ₹ 4,707.14 (15%) ₹ 3,138.09 (15%) ₹ 2,353.57 (15%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
ICICI EMI ₹ 1500 ₹ 9,250.55 (12.99%) ₹ 4,666.21 (13.99%) ₹ 3,110.80 (13.99%) ₹ 2,333.10 (13.99%) ₹ 1,569.04 (14.99%) ₹ 1,176.78 (14.99%)
INDB EMI ₹ 2000 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,083.51 (13%) ₹ 2,312.63 (13%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
KKBK EMI ₹ 3000 ₹ 9,168.69 (12%) ₹ 4,584.34 (12%) ₹ 3,110.80 (14%) ₹ 2,333.10 (14%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
₹ 3500 ₹ 9,496.14 (16%) ₹ 4,748.07 (16%) ₹ 3,165.38 (16%) ₹ 2,374.03 (16%) ₹ 1,582.69 (16%) ₹ 1,187.01 (16%)
RATN EMI ₹ 1000 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,666.21 (14%) ₹ 3,138.09 (15%) ₹ 2,353.57 (15%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
SBIN EMI ₹ 2500 ₹ 9,332.42 (14%) ₹ 4,666.21 (14%) ₹ 3,110.80 (14%) ₹ 2,333.10 (14%)
SCBL EMI ₹ 2500 ₹ 9,168.69 (11.88%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,110.80 (14%) ₹ 2,333.10 (14%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
UTIB EMI ₹ 3000 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,110.80 (14%) ₹ 2,333.10 (14%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)
YESB EMI ₹ 1500 ₹ 9,250.55 (13%) ₹ 4,625.27 (13%) ₹ 3,110.80 (14%) ₹ 2,333.10 (14%) ₹ 1,569.04 (15%) ₹ 1,176.78 (15%)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews



Happy and comfortable



Christopher Burgess

100% natural latex mattress with coir layers happy using it

Jeena Jj

Good one.

What is a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is made by combining latex foam with either springs or rebound foam to produce an extremely supportive and sustainable sleeping surface. It is produced using Talalay or Dunlop methods, and the foam can be either natural or synthetic latex. Due to its simpler and less costly production, latex coir mattress are the most common kind of foam mattress.

Recently, customers have discovered that the durability and hypoallergenic qualities of latex beds make them a wise purchase. A good latex mattress price in India ranges from INR 18000-45000.

These products, often known as latex foam mattresses or latex bed mattresses, are intended for use on platforms or bed frames. Due to the rising demand for foam latex mattresses, many brands, such as Duroflex, offer latex mattresses online, making it simple and convenient for customers to buy the latex mattresses they want. Check out the Duroflex latex mattress price here.

Advantages of Using a Coir Latex Mattress

Here are some advantages of using a coir latex mattress:

Supports pain relief

Latex mattress Duroflex is a great option for anyone with joint or back discomfort. Several medical practitioners recommend coir and latex mattress for pain alleviation. This is due to the latex and Tatva mattress's relaxation and soothing qualities, as well as its capacity to encourage natural spine alignment. If discomfort is keeping you from sleeping, switching to a Duroflex Tatva mattress or a coir and latex mattress is beneficial.

Natural and eco-friendly

Natural latex can be obtained from the rubber tree without cutting it down, making it an environmentally friendly and ecological mattress material. Additionally, latex foam may be produced without undesirable and potentially dangerous chemicals. The inherent characteristics of latex are wholly responsible for the springiness you experience when you lie down.

Supportive and comfortable

Absolute comfort is provided by a latex mattress. A latex mattress will first give you a gentle sinking sensation that is quickly followed by a buoyant, supporting feeling. This is a result of latex's inherent springiness, and it feels wonderfully cosy. A great blend of support and comfort is offered by latex and coir mattresses. This ensures that your companion will sleep soundly and without being disturbed.

Easy to maintain

The fact that a foam latex mattress and a rubber latex mattress require very little maintenance is another of its finest advantages. Furthermore, latex foam mattresses require fewer cleanings because they are resilient to dust, mites, and mould and often do not trap any allergies. Due to the design, you can clean it easily and make sure it doesn't accumulate dust or moisture, but other than this, the mattress takes care of itself.

Durable and long-lasting

Good latex mattresses have a longer lifespan compared to other mattresses. Latex mattresses not only last longer than traditional spring mattresses, which lose their bounce after a few years, but they also continue to have all of their original characteristics, including support and bounce. After a few years, memory foam mattresses lose their bounce, form, and comfort. However, full latex mattresses keep all of these qualities and last longer.

Things to Consider While Buying a Coir Latex Mattress

There are several crucial aspects to take into account when purchasing a coir latex mattress to make sure you get the one that best suits your requirements and preferences. Here are some essential considerations:

  • Comfort level: The comfort of your mattress affects how well you sleep. Thus, rubberised coir is quite comfortable. Coconut fibre and raw rubber, used in its construction, aid in adequate air circulation across the layers and regulate the temperature, offering comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Firmness level: A mattress' firmness is an important aspect to take into consideration because it affects how much comfort and support it offers. There are several firmness levels for coir latex mattresses, from soft to exceptionally firm. The sleeping position, body weight, and individual level of comfort will all influence the firmness you choose.
  • Cover material: A coir mattress's cover material should also be taken into consideration. The durability and comfort of the mattress can be improved with a high-quality cover material. For coir mattresses, typical cover materials include cotton, wool, and bamboo. These materials are hypoallergenic, breathable, and green.
  • Price and your budget: The quality, thickness, and hardness of a coir latex mattress affect its cost. It's critical to pick a mattress that is affordable and offers sufficient support and comfort. It is advised to invest in a high-quality coir latex mattress since it offers better value over time. The natural latex mattress price in India ranges between INR 20000-40000.

Size of Coir Latex Mattress

The mattresses for Duroflex latex beds come in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of bodies and mattress types. The same standard sizes that apply to other types of mattresses also apply to coir latex mattresses. Although customised sizes are also available, the most popular sizes are twin, full, queen, and king. According to your needs and space requirements, you may select the latex bed mattress size.

Who Can Use a Coir Latex Mattress?

Sleepers with back and joint issues benefited particularly from the comfort and buoyant support of latex foam mattresses. Heavy body components like the shoulders and hips are gently supported by latex foam. Additionally, it is a fantastic choice for individuals who want a firmer mattress that offers decent support and pressure relief. For the demands of various sleepers, the latex mattress is offered in various firmness degrees, from gentle to firm.

Is latex healthy in a mattress?

Latex mattresses are highly recommended for alleviating pain by many medical specialists, including chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopaths. This is due to the latex's capacity to support normal spine alignment while also providing comfort and soothing.

What is a latex bed mattress?

A latex bed mattress is a specific kind of mattress built from synthetic or natural rubber foam. It offers superb comfort, pressure relief and is hypoallergenic.

Is latex better than memory foam?

For those seeking a mattress that is eco-friendly, has more bounce back and responds more quickly, latex foam is the ideal choice.

Are coir latex mattresses suitable for all sleep positions?

Yes, all sleeping positions may be accommodated with coir latex mattresses. The appropriateness of the mattress for various sleepers will depend on its degree of firmness.