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Energise Mattress

Energise Mattress

  • Propel Plus Pocket Spring Mattress With Euro Top

    Selling Price : ₹ 17388.00

  • Quboid Qube Cell Technology Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 25920.00

  • Propel Pocket Spring Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 15284.00

  • Boltt Plus Spring Mattress with Euro Top

    Selling Price : ₹ 15452.00

  • Boltt Plush Spring Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 13496.00

Duroflex Energise collection mattress– boy on bed reading

ENERGISE for the day!

Here's a revolutionary mattress range designed to help you meet the endless demands of your power-packed day by providing you with the deepest, most energising sleep. In a world where job lists are infinite and energy finite, your sleep is your only natural recharge system. Built with many innovative sleep technologies, our Energise range of plush mattresses with full body support charges you up while you sleep so that you can be recharged to take on the day.
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3 Zoned Active NRG Layer

The 3 Zoned Active NRG layer found in ENERGISE mattress is exclusive to Duroflex and is a breakthrough technology in sleep science. This body support layer is designed to distribute your body weight across the three zones of your body, Head to Upper Back, Lower Back to Upper Leg and Knees to Toes resulting in the ultimate body support. 

QUBE cell Technology

QUBE Cell Technology is foam engineering at it’s innovative best. Built using a combination of high density and high resilient foam, QUBE Cell gives you the twin benefits of plush feel and perfect body support. The cube cut profile of this layer stops motion from travelling across the mattress letting you and your partner sleep undisturbed. 

Anti-Stress Fabric

A speciality fabric that uses the power of carbon to give you stress -free sleep. Anti-Stress fabric is infused with carbon which repels the negative ions in your body when you sleep, leaving your body with more positive charge resulting in deeply relaxing sleep.

Prominent Features

Duroflex Energise Mattress feature – 3 Zoned NRG Active Layer

3 Zoned Copper Infused NRG Layer

A body support layer designed to offer exceptional zonal support for the perfect sleeping posture. The smart grooves in this special 3 Zoned NRG Layer along with Copper infusion enable better air circulation keeping the mattress fresh and cool.
Duroflex Energise Mattress feature – Qube Cell Technology

Anti Stress Fabric

A specialty fabric that uses the power of carbon to give you stress-free sleep. It is infused with carbon which repels the negative ions in your body, leaving your body with a more positive charge resulting in a deeply relaxing sleep.
Duroflex Energise Mattress feature – Anti Stress Fabric

Zero Motion Transfer

The mattresses are designed to stop motion from travelling across the mattress, letting you and your partner sleep undisturbed.
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Why Choose Energise?

  • The mattress range features best pressure relief mattresses and is designed to improve sleep quality and have you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged for the day.
  • Duroflex Energise range includes many types of pressure relieving mattresses with memory foam mattress, coir foam mattress, pocket spring mattress and spring and foam mattress to choose from. All of these mattresses feature our advanced sleep technologies that offer many health benefits by providing the right kind of support and comfort while sleeping.
  • Apart from these scientifically engineered mattresses, we also have our Energise range of pillows to further elevate your sleep experience. A safer and healthier sleep can be assured by adding our Duro Safe Antiviral Mattress Protector to your sleep space to shield your mattress from harmful bacteria and viruses.
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