June 14, 2021

All you need to know about buying the right p...

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September 01, 2021

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow

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June 14, 2021

All you need to know about buying the right pillow

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September 01, 2021

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow

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Buy Pillows Online at the Best Price at Duroflex

Pillows are an important part of your sleep space, since they provide comfort at the end of a long day. They give your head and spine support when you sleep at night. When you go home from work, it ensures maximum comfort and a good night's sleep. The work is made more difficult by the fact that there are so many pillow patterns to choose from on the internet. For your convenience, there are bed pillows, lumbar pillows, back cushions, orthopaedic pillows, and a variety of other pillow types.

Your pillow will not only offer you comfort, but it will also assist you in maintaining good body posture. You can wind up waking up with a headache if you don't choose the correct sleeping pillow for you.

You can now buy any pillow online. Check our page here to know each pillow with price.

Types of Pillows at Duroflex

Pillows are intended to bring comfort, but the appropriate ones can also help you avoid neck problems. Your sleeping positions can occasionally create neck and spine problems. In such instances, you should select a pillow that may help you avoid such problems and enjoy a good night's sleep, as well as a nice morning the next day. Depending on your demands, Duroflex has a variety of pillows to choose from.

The size of a bed pillow should be determined by the size of the bed. For queen and king-sized beds, larger pillows than usual are available.

Considering the fact that people use pillows primarily for support, we at Duroflex have come up with two types - Duropedic pillows and Energise pillows. Are you looking for a pillow that helps in providing pressure relief? Then, a Duropedic pillow is the right choice. The Duropedic pillow line was created with the increased demand for improved head and neck support in mind. How about having a pillow that recharges you every time you wake up? The Energise pillow collection from Duroflex is meant to add some plush support and great comfort to your sleep routine.

Price, Size of Pillows at Duroflex

Pillows are available from 396 INR at Duroflex. Price varies according to the type of pillow. For an Orthopedic pillow, the price starts from 1,979 INR. Check out the pillow price at Duroflex.

Duroflex offers different types of pillows that serve various purposes. Choose the best pillow depending on your needs.There are varied sizes of pillows available at Duroflex.

Choose your pillow from our available sizes of 64 cm x 41 cm, 69 cm x 43 cm, & 61 cm x 41 cm.

Benefits of using Duropedic Pillows

Are you a person who wakes up in the morning with neck pain due to a wrong sleeping pattern? The human vital body function is affected when a person sleeps in an improper position. Because of the comfort it gives, an orthopaedic pillow can improve a person's sleeping abilities. Unlike normal pillows, which elevate the neck from the shoulder and might cause a stiff neck, it truly cradles the neck and retains the head in a neutral posture.

Duropedic pillows from Duroflex are designed to fit your neck and head perfectly, providing a smooth and uniform support. It was created with the goal of keeping your head, neck, and back in proper alignment as you sleep. The size, firmness, and curve of the pillow will all be determined by your sleeping patterns and body shape.


Choosing the pillow is as important as choosing the right mattress. If you need a pillow for neck support, then try our Duroflex Neck Balance - Orthopedic Memory Foam Cool Gel Pillow or Duroflex Neck Pro - Contoured Orthopedic Memory Foam Cool Gel Pillow. Duroflex is one the top brands that sell the best pillow in India.

Yes. At Duroflex, we make sure that we sell quality products no matter if it is online or offline. We ensure that our products reach our customers safely. Buy pillows online at Duroflex at the most effective price, and get it delivered at your doorstep free of cost. We offer a warranty up to 3 years for our pillow collections.

An orthopaedic pillow can improve a person's sleeping abilities. Memory foam pillows conform to the head and neck, offering supportive sleep that changes with sleep position.

If you are suffering from severe neck pain, then try Orthopedic Memory foam pillows from Duroflex pillow collections. These pillows provide pressure relief and enhanced blood circulation, and ensure a cool and comfortable sleep. Buy Duroflex pillows online at a low price.

Duroflex has come up with orthopedic pillows that ensure good sleep and offer excellent neck support. It guarantees peaceful sleep as it enhances blood circulation & provides pressure relief. Buy pillows online at Duroflex now at the lowest price!