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Why Duroflex?

Why Duroflex?

We are a sleep solutions company strengthened by our five decades of expertise and best-in-class innovation to offer you our iconic and research-backed mattresses and technology-led sleep accessories.

From India’s No.1 doctor recommended orthopedic mattress range tested by National Health Academy to naturally cool and eco-friendly latex mattresses and 100% memory foam pillows to anti-microbial roll pack mattresses and mattress protectors, all our offerings are designed to provide a deep, healthy and enriching sleep.

You can not only shop the Duroflex orthopedic mattress online here but find our foldable mattress also known as slim mattress, special pillow for neck pain and wide variety of best mattresses suitable for all kinds of sleepers.

Our bestselling ortho mattresses and memory foam mattresses are highly recommended for a healthy sleep that leads to posture alignment and wakes you up feeling refreshed.

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