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Get Rs. 1500 Duroflex Gift Card with any Duropedic Mattress above Rs. 13,999.
Get Rs. 1500 Duroflex Gift Card with any Duropedic Mattress above Rs. 13,999.

General Warranty Policy - Duroflex

You need not worry, our mattresses are secured with warranty

Duroflex products come with a best-in-industry warranty of up to 10 years. The complete details of our warranty offerings can be found on the respective product page on our website. You can also refer to the warranty card provided along with the mattress for exact details

Claim Warranty

In case you encounter any issue while using our product, we recommend that you look up the product warranty details on your warranty card.

In the unlikely event of product failure, we will be happy to have it replaced or repaired. Kindly reach out to the Duroflex Customer Support Team on 1800 108 5008 or drop an email at to inform us of your need.

Please note that warranty does not cover preference in comfort level.

Warranty Calculation

While we strive to offer the best user-experience to all our customers, we do understand that there might arise a situation when you will have to claim warranty. Here is how the process works:

Consider you bought a Duroflex mattress with 5 years warranty for Rs. 10,000

  • If any defect arises in the first year, we will have the product replaced or repaired.

  • If the defect arises after 2 years of use, a pro-rata money back guarantee is applicable for balance 3 years. It means that the pro-rata value in rupees will be offered as a discount for a new mattress purchase from Duroflex of equivalent or higher value. It is calculated as follows:

10000/5*3= Rs. 6000/- ( the discount amount for the new Duroflex mattress)