Add Elegance To Your Space With Our All-New Aesthetic Ottomans

Ottomans have been used in the bathrooms in Istanbul and the bedrooms at Babington and used throughout the house from the Ottoman empire. This versatile piece of furniture introduced to Europe by Turkey has now become a favourite seating in all homes worldwide. The ottoman furniture has from the 18th century been the main seating in the house. The shape has evolved from a large piece of furniture to a compact piece that can be placed in a quiet corner or the middle of the room.

Why not bring that classy touch to your home by picking gorgeous ottoman furniture that can add a pop of colour and style? Ottomans are a perfect seating solution and an ideal accent piece of furniture for your living room or bedroom. They are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the space, offer additional storage and give a comfy seating place. They are the best and the most minimalistic way to accessorise the space.

Take a peek at our range of ottomans that are available in many styles and budget ranges. Shopping for these is also easy as it is available online and can be shipped to your doorstep. It comes with many payment options, easy returns, and a fast delivery which makes buying ottomans easy and worthwhile.

Buy Ottomans Online and Lounge in Style

Are you using tea tables or footstools to rest your feet? Then it is time to change to something more fashionable and comfortable. The ottomans are not just a great piece of furniture for seating; it is also the best choice as an ultra-comfortable and plush footstool. Office hours at home can get tiring if you sit for long hours, our ottomans are what you need as you can not only stretch your legs and relax comfortably, it can also be a seating when you have some guests over. This multifunctional footstool can also replace your tea table and take your decor to a higher level. In today’s world, home interiors are as important as being fashionable.

When you buy ottomans online from us, they can be used in your living room. as a seating solution, a centrepiece to replace a coffee table, or they can also be used as a bench at the end of the bed. Ottomans for living room in your foyer, and you can use them to wear your socks and shoes at the doorway. Our compact ottomans can be placed in any corner or as a centrepiece of your home, serving multiple purposes. They are smart furniture that is high on function and decor.

Buy Storage Ottomans that are not just a Footstool

There is never enough storage space at home, so why should the space inside the ottoman go waste? Our range of ottomans has storage ideal for a multipurpose room, a compact space, or any space where there is a need for additional storage and seating. It comes with a hidden compartment for stashing anything that needs to be out of sight.

Browse through our range of versatile storage ottomans as they can act as a makeshift coffee table, a plush seating choice or a storage unit where unsightly things can be stored. So whatever you want to use it for, it is a buy one get many functions piece of furniture that is a must-have in every home.

These work well in a living room as a footrest while watching your favourite show or in the foyer to wear your socks and shoes before heading out. These are a great choice for compact apartments with limited space and a large living room where you need additional seating for guests. Whatsmore the storage ottomans price makes the whole deal all the more sweet!

Elevate Your Decor - Choose from our Ottoman Designs

Ottoman gets its name from its origins, an empire in Turkey. The ottoman furniture with low seats was part of the Ottoman Empire, and the style caught on in the salons of Europe. The design started with a padden footstool used along with a chair. Over time it has assumed many shapes and functions. We at Duroflex have styles that blend beautifully with your room decor. It comes with solid prints that sure add a pop of colour to the space. Our ottomans come in a fabric material as it adds a touch of colour and texture to them. It comes with an openable top and deep storage. Use this space to store and organise things. It is upholstered to add a touch of comfort, and the fabric material makes it durable. Duroflex ottomans are made for everyday wear and tear and are a perfect match for your bedroom and living room furniture.

Ottomans add charm and additional flavour to your room. We recognise that and have created a modern and contemporary ottoman that can double up as a storage unit. Check out our eye-catching and vivid ottoman on our website.
What is the difference between an ottoman and a footstool?

The main difference between an ottoman and a footstool is their design and functions. Unlike footstool that's only used to rest your feet, an ottoman comes with a storage space as well. Additionally, it can be used as an extra seating and also to store away things.

Are ottomans good for storage?

Yes, ottoman have inbuilt storage space and that's a big plus.

Is it better to have a coffee table or an ottoman?

Both coffee table and ottoman are a great pick depending on the desired use. If you like to spend your time relaxing with your feet up and want extra storage too then ottoman is a better choice. If you are just looking for a table to put things one, coffee table will be ideal.

Should ottoman be higher than sofa?

For ultimate relaxation, ottoman should be at least one inch below the sofa in terms of the height.

Are ottomans worth it?

An ottoman is a truly versatile piece. It can be used for seating, storage and also as a footstool.