Liven Up Your Living Room with These Easy Hacks

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and instantly marveled at how beautiful their living room looks? Two identical living rooms can have completely different looks based on the décor elements and how they are placed. It often depends on certain key aspects such as colours, lighting, and the furniture used. Doing a complete makeover can be time-consuming and often expensive as well, so to spare you the struggle, read on to know about some of the basic fixes that will turn your living room into an inviting space.

Work on your light fixtures: Experimenting with the right light colours can do wonders to your living room. It can straightaway illuminate your room and make it appear larger. A well-lit room offers an “airy quality” to it. Don’t forget to draw attention to the windows. One option is to use decorative lights alongside the curtain. It is also easy to maintain minimalistic styled windows without heavy ornamentations or frames.

Introduce a few modern furniture sets: One piece of furniture that can transform the whole ambience in your living room is the sofa. When looking for a new sofa, opt for colours that compliment your décor and yet have a unique design, so your sofa catches the eye of anyone who enters your home. You can experiment with other chairs by creating combinations of different colours and shapes.

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Indoor plants: Potted plants placed at strategic spots in sync with the room’s layout can make your space look less stuffy. Be mindful of your space when choosing the size and the number of plants. If you have a smaller space, avoid plants with a larger foliage, choose small potted plants, such as succulents, ideally in pairs. They can be paired with the walls of your living room and would add an element of interest.

Cushion collection: Instant, straightforward, and economical, modernizing your living room cushions is an easy way to upgrade your decor. You can also take some bold decisions when it comes to the colour and size of your cushions. Try an uncommon colour or an audacious pattern to add contrast and texture to your living room. And if you like the added depth, try the same theme across the entire room with floor rugs and tabletop vases.

Rearrange the living room layout: The composition of items in your room impacts the aesthetic of the space. Extend your space by getting rid of any furniture in the foyer. How one sees your room from the entrance matters a lot. Incorporate dining spaces or your kitchen with the living room by removing any unnecessary partitions. An open plan makes any space look roomy.

Add wall art: Artwork is an easy way to add some character to your living room. You can choose to spend on a rare piece or begin your collection with a stunning painting from a regional artist, hanging a new artwork on your wall will surely liven up the whole space.

Easy Hacks to update your Living Room

The hacks mentioned above are some of the easy ways to keep your living room ambience creative. You can also do other imaginative things to bring one-of-a-kind charm to the living space, and buying artistic pieces from thrift shops is a perfect way to do so.

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