Here's What Bedroom Decor Says About Your Personality

All of us have that favourite spot at home where the light is the brightest, the cushion is thoroughly worn in, or the immense tumult of life is at its lowest. There could be several practical reasons why a particular spot is your favourite, but more often than not, it is the bedroom where most of us gravitate towards because of a connection with this space as an individual.

Your bedroom often reflects your personality because it’s in our nature to influence our environs to our choice and preferences. Over time, your bedroom reveals your personality and it develops a persona of its own. It's extremely improbable that any two bedrooms will look the same.

Here are some bedroom decor details that reveal a lot about your personality:

  • Highly polished styling indicates that you are ambitious:
    If your bedroom wall and the overall décor is elegant with chic designer furniture and wall paintings, it suggests that you are a highly ambitious individuals and work hard towards achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Colour:
    Your inclination for a certain bedroom wall colour can reveal a lot about your personality and your general disposition. If you like bold colours like red or maroon, you are someone who loves the thrill in life, you are passionate about what you do and won’t stop at anything to achieve your goals. Bright colours like orange and yellow represent a fun, free-spirited creative personality. And blues indicate depth, harmony, and a warm, caring personality.
    1. A bedroom, full of family photos is an indicator of a person’s nostalgic personality:
      A room full of family photographs lends a nostalgic feeling to the space and it shows that you find comfort in reliving or in making these memories and you are enthusiastic about interacting with the people whom you consider close to you.
    2. A room adorned with plants gives a peek into your persona:
      Plants can say a lot about your personality. Whether they are thriving or dying and turning dry, the condition of your plants can indicate how you care for your belongings. The same applies to the kind of plant. For example, bromeliads could imply that you are not someone who seeks attention, but a composed and calm person who’s easily identified by your charm. Succulents, on the other hand, reveal your independent side.
    3. Smaller vignettes could indicate that you are shy:
      There are several factors that come into the picture while designing a space and creating cozy corners in your bedroom indicate that you fancy the quiet life.
    4. How you make your bed demonstrates a lot about your character:
      A brief look at your bed and the one who knows what to look for will understand The bed is at the centre of your bedroom and as a result, the first thing that anyone will note is if the bed is made or not. Making your bed after waking up can reveal that a person follows a set practice which they follow through with full commitment.

    How we keep our bedroom, speaks volumes about who we are as a person. Whether you like it clean and tidy or whether you like to keep it minimalistic, your bedroom decor reflects your personality.

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