Ways to Organize Your Bedroom- Tips, Tricks & Ideas

The bedroom is our sanctuary, we start and end our days here. Therefore, we must put more effort into making it relaxing, uncluttered, and stylish. Often, bedrooms turn into a dumping ground for things that do not have a designated place.

To make a genuinely orderly and functional bedroom, take into account every small space in your room, including the walls and the room under your bed. Whether you stay in a studio apartment, or have a smaller bedroom with a compact wardrobe, or need to completely reorganize your space, these bedroom organization tips, decluttering tricks, and Do-It-Yourself ideas can help you make full use of your bedroom:

    1. Bedsheet closet storage:
      If you have a linen closet with plenty of room to keep all your bedding, you may find it difficult to keep it properly arranged. Putting all your bedsheets into the closet is perhaps the fastest way to store them, but it is unappealing and takes up a lot of space, and you will have to spend your valuable time hunting for what you want. Keep them in separate storage or under shelf baskets as it is an easy way to make the most out of your linen closet space. Vacuum sealing that bulk bedding is one of the simplest ways to save space. Bedsheets and comforters are very difficult to pack with ease because they take up a lot of space. With a vacuum-sealed bag, that big comforter can fit in a more efficient box instead of an oversized one. This will keep them compact and free from dust and moisture. Pillows and other bedding are also perfect for this type of bag. Bed pillows, throw pillows, bed skirts, and other bedding items can become unwieldy when folded up or when stuffed into moving boxes.
    2. Label your bedsheets:
      Once you have kept your bedsheets arranged into distinct storage bins and stacks, place a label on each bin. If you can differentiate between your queen-size and full-size bedsheets at a single glimpse it will make it much easier to find precisely what you are looking for both when you want to put things away and while taking things out.
      folded bedsheet -duroflex
    3. Sort and manage your bedsheets:
      You can store your bedsheets and linens by type, location, or size. If you have separate linens and sheet sets for each room in your home, splitting them by space is simplest. If your sheet sets and towels are more versatile, you will have to categorize them by color, type, or size. Keep everything else arranged alongside their corresponding items. Put your most regularly used things at the front and center of your closet for quick access and consign little-used or off-season items to the back of the closet or on the top shelf.
    4. Keep sets of bedsheets in corresponding pillow covers:
      Stop pairing your cream-colored pillow covers with your white sheets if you are not able to find their match and stop digging frantically in piles of fabric to look for that one sheet with your favorite color. Instead, the best way to avoid misplacing your sheets is to fold them neatly and tuck the whole set within one of its corresponding pillow covers.
    5. Make use of space under the bed:
      Often, the extra space below the bed turns into a chasm of forgotten and discarded things. However, it is the perfect place to keep seasonal clothing, and footwear used less frequently. If the space underneath your bed is free, use it to add a touch of aesthetic appeal with stylish wooden boxes, vintage suitcases, or wicker baskets. You can fix casters to make them easy to push and pull as required.
  • Make use of dual-purpose furniture:
    Having multiple purpose furniture in your bedroom offers a touch of style and helps in keeping the room more organized. You can add a storage bench that offers space to keep your things as well as a place to sit. You can also opt for nightstands that come with plenty of room for stashing stuff. Letting your furniture deliver form and purpose will keep your bedroom uncluttered.
  • Display your bedsheets:
    Having a closet for bedsheets is a luxury, especially if you stay in a studio apartment. There are many more ways to arrange your sheets and towels if you do not have a separate closet for your bedsheets. Storage furniture such as armoires and carts will do the trick.
  • Use ventilated shelves:
    Bedsheets can get musty just lying at the back of closed doors. Good air circulation can help combat stagnation and humidity and ventilated shelves can go a long way toward promoting airflow. Oftentimes, it is more than just bedsheets that are kept on shelves. Adding bins, hooks, and baskets can help arrange toiletries and small linens in a tidy and artful manner.
    1. Allow for easy access.
      The key to keeping your room orderly is to place your bedding in a place that can be easily reached. So, keep your storage basket in your closet in a way that you can pull it out with ease. Keep the most used items at eye level, and larger pillows and blankets and things that you don’t use very often up top in the linen closet.
      furniture cabinet
    2. Get creative with your cabinets:
      If you do not have a linen closet, create your own. A tall cabinet with doors will conceal any mess while allowing you to carefully stack and fold towels, sheets, and more. You can go the extra mile by investing in shelf partitions to keep each sort of item in its place. If you wish to add a personal touch to your room, you can start a DIY furniture-making project. From bookshelves to photo ledges, there are several manageable DIY options available that will save you money on outsourcing expensive furniture work.
    3. Storage bed:
      With built-in drawers under your bed, storing your bedding will become much easier. You will no longer have to recall which closet or box you kept your preferred winter blanket in anymore. Storage bed is a practical creation of furniture makers that offers several benefits such as more storage space, relatively easier to clean and appropriate for smaller rooms. A perfectly designed and intricately carved wooden storage bed can make your bedroom decor more stylish.

    Lastly, occasionally clear out your old bedsheets. Often linens keep accumulating as there is an anxiety of not finding something when you want it urgently. Over time, you have numerous sets of sheets. When the sheets are stained, or the elastic wears out and develop holes or tears, and they have shrunk greatly, discard them. Also, you must clean your linen closet once in a while and discard the ones that you don't need anymore.

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