10 Thoughtful housewarming gifts for Indian family

10 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Indian Families

Buying a house is a dream come true for Indian families. They like to celebrate this joyous occasion by throwing a huge party for their loved ones! The joyous occasion of housewarming marks a new beginning in life. Have you recently been invited to one? A housewarming gift is the perfect gesture by which you can share the joy of a new home with your loved ones. You don't want your gift to end up in the loft or to serve as the day's sixth batch of dishes. There are lots of housewarming gifts for Indian family that can make your host happy and cheer up their home. Whether you are looking for the ideal present for welcoming a loved one into their brand-new residence or hunting for a particular gift for the host, you have come to the right place. We are sure you will find the perfect gift idea for the occasion.

List of housewarming gifts types

Here is a list of different types of useful housewarming gifts for an Indian family:

  • Bathroom Bluetooth speakers
  • Small portable speakers are a creative yet useful present idea that is perfect for folks who are ardent music lovers. They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and price points to fit all budgets. To prevent obstructing their bathing space and attracting attention, it's imperative to choose something subtle. Having access to this lavatory will surely enable them to freshen up and unwind while taking a bath.

  • A beautiful mirror for the living room
  • For Indian houses, a straightforward wall-hanging mirror is a great substitute. They are widely utilized and may be found in all sizes of bathrooms and washbasin spaces. Finding a special mirror is neither outrageously expensive nor particularly challenging. Observe the guidelines on the proper scale and style for the home you are visiting.

    A vase in front of a dresser and a small, tasteful mirror to hang on the wall are possible gifts. As an alternative, you may give the room a big, long mirror for dressing. Give them a small round table with some cosmetics to help them get dolled up, and that will do it! This is how you may think of creative housewarming gift ideas for your host!

  • A Doormat of Style
  • Something straightforward and practical transcends time. An understated, minimalist doormat is always in style and complements any theme. Make sure the message on the mat you wish to give them corresponds with their personality. However, unless you are close to them and are certain that they would love it, it is advisable to stay away from any graphic text.

    The greatest doormat for any interior design is a straightforward one with a sophisticated and elegant design. Either it will complement or contrast, both of which are artistic! In India, it is still one of the traditional housewarming gift suggestions! You can also choose from a variety of doormat shapes; however, rectangles and semicircles are the most popular choices for welcome mats. This is because large rectangular shapes like a square or circles would use an excessive amount of space.

  • Beautiful Vase
  • Let's look outside the box and take into consideration some décor among all the Indian housewarming presents that cater to practicality within a certain room. Of course, having plants and flowers makes the area vibrant. The vase that draws the visitor's attention, however, is a gorgeous one. Why not think of one of the best housewarming gift ideas as giving a gorgeous vase?

    Any size vase won't take up much room. Any table, including a study or coffee table, can have a tiny vase placed on top of it. The same applies to a large one as well. Any area can benefit from having a large vase filled with flowers and greenery in the corner. It radiates life and youth and is the ideal present for a housewarming celebration. So, when it comes to housewarming gift suggestions, a gorgeous vase stands out!

  • Bathroom and hand towels
  • A high-quality bath towel set would make a lovely and extremely useful addition to the home. If you're looking for unique housewarming presents, you could even personalize the towels with the host's initials. A set of hand, as well as bath towels, is one type of housewarming gift in India that not everyone will purchase. So long as you take your time, you can choose anything that appears luxurious! Additionally, evaluate if the fabric feels soft against your skin. Because they are calming, use colors that are more vibrant! Brighter colors are too garish, whereas darker hues are also a great alternative. Beautiful wrapping may express both the message and the mood!

  • Spice bottles
  • Indian households adore their spices. A high-quality spice jar will consistently hold all the spices and preserve their flavor. It's undoubtedly a popular option for housewarming presents. Few people can currently recall spice jars. Here, we're discussing straightforward, roomy spice jars! Furthermore, you can assist them with labels! This would be a priceless gift for housewarming and huge assistance!

  • Embellished tea sets
  • Indians are huge tea fans. What, therefore, makes a decorated tea set a better gift? A Turkish tea set made of copper is the perfect welcoming gift. Anyone who uses this tea set to drink tea will feel like a princess. The set can be kept in storage and shown as art while not in use. Your family and friends will make their guests envious of this tea service set, and every time someone compliments them on it, they'll think of you.

  • Set of body and hand soap
  • One of the most popular housewarming party gifts is a set of hand and body wash! An elegant and considerate purchase is a set of well-picked toiletries. You can do this to show how much you appreciate and like the new location and your host's new life!

    You already know that nobody occasionally purchases high-end hand- and body-wash kits. I mean, isn't this a great chance to do them such favors? This will make them happy and guarantee that they remember the gift, just as their answer will help you remember it. One idea for a housewarming present that matters is this one!

    List of housewarming gifts for different people

  • Housewarming gifts for nature lovers
  • One of the best housewarming gifts one can give is a plant. They all make fantastic gifts, including peace lilies, orchids, and snake plants. They look stunning, are amazing environmental changers, and make enduring gifts. Pair it with large jars or eye-catching pots to make it immediately functional. Your hosts would save time by not having to decide on the best location to keep the plants.

    Almost no one can say they don't enjoy plants. There are low-maintenance plant varieties that can purify the air and freshen the area, even if your host is uncomfortable with the concept of caring for the plant. Give a buddy an adorable succulent or a colorful money plant.

    Plants and pots are the most typical modern housewarming gifts for Indian families. That is a result of the many benefits they provide. In addition to being a fantastic aesthetic, green plants have many other benefits. Additionally, you can look for some common houseplants that are easy to maintain.

  • Housewarming gifts for people-on-the-go
  • If your host is somebody who works, prefer smart options that can reduce manual labor. Appliances like rice cookers, coffee machines, air purifiers, electric kettles, or blenders make the perfect gifts. Appliances like these can help get through the day and assist in daily life. Therefore these can serve as perfect gifts for housewarming ceremony.

  • Housewarming gifts for fitness-conscious individuals
  • Are the hosts that have invited you fitness-conscious? They might be experimenting with AI-based fitness applications. In these situations, a yearly subscription to their preferred fitness app or even home gym equipment like fitness devices, stationary bikes, rowing machines, weights, and ab-crunchers, or if you have a bigger budget, even a treadmill, would make ideal gifts for housewarming party.

    If you want to purchase workout equipment for your home, we strongly advise you to let your host know as this will take up room. If they don't have them, they might even have these or just wish to make their homes appear full. Therefore, it is sage to speak with them before parting with the cash.

  • Griha Pravesh presents for art enthusiasts
  • The room is brought to life by stunning paintings. If you are positive that your host is an art fan, give them some artwork. The color and aesthetic of the room are improved by paintings. If your host respects your taste in art and design, this makes a great housewarming gift for Indians.

    Vastu Shastra advises using uplifting pictures of flowers, family, art, animals, or birds in the bedroom while placing natural-themed artwork in the living room and entrance. Do consider the color scheme of the space. You don't want to put your Griha Pravesh gift in danger of being thrown out or given to someone else or put the appearance of the house in jeopardy.

  • Housewarming presents for those with active lifestyles
  • If you have friends who like to keep their homes modern, consider giving them some unusual gifts like an LED spirits shelf, wine decanters in unique shapes, garden sprinklers, sound wall speakers, potpourri, upscale tableware, and cutlery, aroma diffusers, smart planters, shower speakers, essential oils, or even a coordinates frame that is specifically made for them.

  • Housewarming presents for eccentric home furnishings
  • For devoted friends and family, quirky housewarming gifts Indian can be perfect. Personalized duvet covers, caricatures, a family hobby painting, cheese boards, throw pillows, a wall chessboard, or even precious artifacts can bring back happy memories and show off your playful side.

    A personalized gift will always be preferred by some recipients over all flashy ones. As housewarming return gifts, a board with the family name and the address of the new home can be provided. What could be better than finding a sign you can put outside your house with your new address written on it? Isn't that a sweet and thoughtful surprise?

    Furthermore, coming up with a unique idea reveals that you gave your hosts some thought. It is something that will always be valued, special, and useful. You could also produce something that they could put on a show in their living room, either on the wall or next to the couch, so that visitors can see it when they arrive

    Making the bedroom warm and welcoming is one of the most important components of making a new space seem like home. Think about giving magnificent beds, bed mattresses, and pillows from Duroflex as housewarming gifts for peculiar home furniture. Duroflex provides a comprehensive choice of excellent sleeping alternatives that are sure to please even the most discerning sleeper. Their beds are meticulously made using the highest-quality components to guarantee persistent ease and reliability. There is a bed for all preferences and style, from contemporary platform beds to classic hardwood frames.

    Naturally, a comfy bed is only as wonderful as the mattress that comes with it. Duroflex mattresses are built to give optimum assistance and ease regardless of how you sleep. There is a mattress to fit every taste, from memory foam to orthopedic alternatives. Finally, no bed is complete without a pair of fluffy pillows. Duroflex's pillows are available in a variety of materials and densities, allowing any sleeper to find the best gifts for housewarming. Duroflex has you covered whether you like a soft and fluffy cushion or a stiffer choice.

    Additionally, you might consider additional gifting options when giving this home address design, such as giving a cushion cover with the same message. In either case, this is a housewarming gift from India that shows how much you care for and about your host.

  • Housewarming gifts if your hosts are party lovers
  • Consider giving your guests festive décor items if they enjoy dressing up and decorating their houses for special occasions. For instance, if you get invited to a housewarming party in November, think of the impending important event, like Christmas or Diwali. Your host would appreciate a gift that they could wear or put on the show.

    Consider 'His & Her' sets (including colognes, watches, etc.) or festival party items. For people who enjoy drinking in groups, wine and champagne make excellent return gifts for housewarming. You might also think about getting personalized wine glasses or unique bar accessories.

  • Housewarming gifts for seniors
  • Vulnerability is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think about senior citizens. However, because of modern medicine's advancements and easy access to excellent treatment in cities, the elderly are today likely to be in as good of health as someone in their prime. As a result, you are not required to stick to conventional gifting principles.

    Here are a few activities suitable for seniors. A beautiful rocking chair adds beauty to the space it is situated in and makes a person's seating and reclining position comfortable. Yet another useful item is a seat for the shower.

  • Gifts for your clients' new homes
  • Relationships in the workplace should be encouraged. Make sure you appear and leave a good impression if your customer has invited you to their housewarming party. You may now choose a present from any of the ideas we've offered in this post if you were directly invited by the recipient. But you must act as a credible spokesperson for your company. The perfect idea would be a staycation or perhaps plants, wine, or gourmet baskets!

  • Gifts for neighbors' new homes
  • The following presents are unique and will be treasured as a keepsake forever if you have an intimate connection with the host family:

    • Idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are said to bring good fortune when given as gifts.
    • A bean bag is a piece of furniture that may be used anywhere. It is a really useful gift if teens are living in the home.
    • If you're looking for a straightforward yet considerate housewarming gift idea for new neighbors, candles with scent are the best choice.

  • Housewarming gifts for friends
  • Making thoughtful housewarming gift selections for friends is a way to send them your warmest regards. Giving auspicious gifts such as Ganesh statues or wind chimes is ideal. If you are artistic, consider creating a painting or a personalized planter for them to brighten their day and strengthen your friendship.

  • Gifts for new homeowners who enjoy paying a visit to the local markets
  • Many of you would value possessing the hues and cultures that handicrafts made locally showcase. Supporting small businesses and ensuring the satisfaction of your host can both be accomplished by shopping locally. Consider intriguing presents like handcrafted lamps, shopping baskets, and shawls manufactured in Kashmir andAssam. Remember the housewarming you need to attend when you get back to India, as almost every state has something special to offer.

    What to avoid as a Griha Pravesh gift?

    Whatever you choose to give, make it a thoughtful housewarming gift. Distribute no gifts, especially flower vases, cups, silverware, saucers, or similar items, unless specifically asked by your visitors.

    Additionally, the social values of your hosts should be reflected in your presence. For instance, it is improper to give blades or scissors as gifts in India. Also, don't give away things like dogs, dark clothing, sharp objects, clocks, combs, handkerchiefs, coal, calendars, meals in old plates, opal stones, empty purses or wallets, gloves, or slacks. Pets shouldn't be brought as a gift unless your host has said they'd want one because they need care that reluctant families might not be able to provide.


    Prior to giving someone a housewarming gift, consider their interests rather than thinking to yourself what your favorite welcome gift would be. Consider their tastes and give them something you know they'll use. What could possibly make someone say to you, "Home Sweet Home"? Despite not being extremely useful, humorous suggestions like getting a return address stamp can be original. In contrast, conventional strategies like purchasing a bottle of wine will


    Which plants are suitable for housewarming gifts?

    The best plants to give as housewarming gifts India are:

    • Peace Lily,
    • Snake plant,
    • Bonsai,
    • Jade plant,
    • Money plant,
    • Lucky bamboo,
    • Aglaonema Lipstick Plant.

    Are God and goddess statues suitable presents?

    According to Vastu, statues of Goddesses and deities make difficult presents. It is thought that if the person cannot put or care for things properly, it may bring bad luck.

    At the housewarming party, what should I give my hosts' young guests?

    You can choose from kid-friendly literature, toys, or premium chocolates.

    What are traditional gifts for Indians?

    The Top Indian-themed Gifts to Take Home include:

    • Pashmina shawls,
    • Indian vibrant sari,
    • Brocade,
    • Rajasthani footwear,
    • Sandalwood paste extraction,
    • Essential oils,
    • Warli paintings,
    • Miniature paintings.

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