7 Different Types of Pillows for Every Sleeping Position

Whatever your favoured sleeping position, knowing the different types of pillows that work best will help ensure that you don't wake up with a stiff neck. The pillow filling types also affect their cost, conformity, longevity, and breathability. To find out more about different pillow types and which one is best for your sleeping position, keep reading.

7 Types of Pillows for Your Comfort

1. Down Pillows

The soft fibres closest to the skin of a goose, duck, or swan are used to make down pillows. You can also buy pillows online, be sure to consider the down-to-feather ratio because these pillows types may occasionally be blended with feathers.


  • Good head and moldable neck support
  • Durable type of pillow
  • Lightweight pillows


  • Such types of pillows can retain body heat
  • This pillow type can be tough to clean

    Who is this pillow best for?
    Due to its cushion and pillow softness, down is one of the most excellent pillow types for stomach sleepers.

    2. Feather Pillow

    When compared to down, feathers are the more economical pillow-filling type. Ducks and geese's topcoats are where feathers are found. Since this pillow type isn't particularly soft on its own, several brands combine feathers with down to create softer bed pillows. When you buy pillows online, the pillow price is also reasonable.

    • Affordable
    • Lightweight pillows
    • Retains shape


    • Difficult to clean
    • Holds onto body heat.

    Who is this pillow best for?

    Such types of pillows are soft and fluffy, but because of their higher loft, they are among the greatest pillow types for back and side sleepers.

    3. Latex Pillow

    Because they offer excellent head and neck support while still feeling soft and cuddly, latex pillow types are becoming increasingly popular. Both solid and shredded latex type of pillows is offered for sale. Unlike blended or synthetic latex, 100% natural latex pillow filling is more resilient, pleasant, and environmentally friendly, so make sure your bed pillow is created from it.

    • Durability
    • Breathable and cooling
    • Biodegradable


    • Odour
    • The pillow price is high
    • Potential for allergic reactions

      Who is this pillow best for?
      Both back and side sleepers. Since this pillow type has a loft that is higher than typical, it is not advised for stomach sleepers.

      4. Down Alternative Pillow

      A synthetic counterpart of the traditional down pillow is an alternative down cushion. A down alternative pillow is an excellent type of pillow if you want a soft down sensation without using real feathers.


      • The pillow price is affordable
      • Simple to clean
      • Allergen free


      • Can cause lumps
      • Not formable
      • A less effective insulator than down

        Who is this pillow best for?

        Back and side sleepers. One of the best
        types of pillows for back and side sleepers is the down alternative variety because of its soft and fluffy nature.

        5. Polyester Pillow

        Poly-fill pillows, also known as polyester fiberfill pillows, are one of the different types of pillows for people on a tight budget. The pillow price is low, and you can buy pillows online.

        • The pillow price is low
        • Lightweight
        • Hypoallergenic
        • This pillow type can cause lumps
        • Unable to breathe
        • It's not enduring

        Who is this pillow best for?
        Side, back, and stomach sleepers. All sleeping positions may have poly-fill as the pillow-filling type because they can be created in various firmness levels.

        6. Gel Pillow

        Such types of pillows are claimed for their capacity to keep users cool at night.

        • Hypoallergenic
        • Cooling
        • Simple to maintain


        • Too firm for some sleepers
        • Pillow prices are high

          Who is this pillow best for?

          Stomach and back sleepers. This type of pillow could be too firm for side sleepers to achieve a comfortable resting posture.

          7.Memory Foam Pillow

          The memory foam pillow type conforms to the position that is most comfortable for your head and neck.


          • Support for pain relief
          • Nothing clumps
          • Shapes that fit your body


          • Trying to find a foam density that doesn't prevent breathing
          • Several memory foams keep body heat in.

          Who is this pillow best for?

          Side, back, and stomach sleepers. However, some side sleepers can find the memory foam pillow type to be very stiff.


          Knowing the differences between the different types of pillow shapes and pillow filling types can make the difference between a relaxing nap and a sleepless night spent counting sheep. Are you ready for some sound sleep? Get a soft and supportive Duroflex pillow today to pile on the comfort.

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