7 Ways to Make Diwali a Festival of Change

Deepavali or Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is now around the corner. The festival stands for the victory of good over evil and the five-day celebrations consist of an exhibition of lights, colors, and decorations. Diwali decorations include decors that embody positivity. People wish for prosperity and harmony. In addition to these celebrations and decorations, Diwali also brings an opportunity for all of us to make it a festival of change.

This is a time when we often introduce positive changes by starting new ventures or making new investments to improve our lives and work towards a brighter future. Additionally, we can also introduce changes to the way we celebrate the festival by taking the following steps:

  1. Choose the more nature-friendly earthen lamps:
    When it comes to Diwali festivities, decorating the prayer room is one of the most important tasks. There are several trendy ways in which you can demonstrate your devotion creatively. To light up your home, opt for the old-school earthen oil diyas, rather than the energy-consuming electrical lights. These not only look magnificent but are entirely organic and customary. A prayer room with Diya decorations for Diwali at home is a wonderful choice.
  2. Multi-colored lanterns:
    To realize the essence of Diwali as being the festival of lights, you can hang colorful lanterns on the front porch of your home. Commonly known as Kandeel or Akasha Deep, lanterns are amongst the most prevalent home decorations, particularly during Diwali. This year, introduce an elegant appeal to your home with ready to use colorful lanterns. Placing quirky colored lanterns beautifully creates a delightful ambience and will earn you compliments from friends and neighbors.
  3. Go traditional with the rangoli:
    Diwali is unfinished without its share of rangolis and alpanas. Leave the artificial colors and oil paint and instead make use of loose flowers and create new and unconventional designs. They will add an array of color, texture and your house will be filled with fragrant decorations.
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  4. Reuse last year’s materials:
    If you are not doing this already, start today. There is no point in purchasing fresh supplies each year for Diwali. Light bulbs, Diyas, candleholders, incense stick stands can all be recycled.
  5. Be respectful of your surroundings:
    The essence of a true Diwali celebration can be achieved only if the occasion is joyous for all. Make a dedicated space in your home where your pets can feel safe. Make sure you feed and comfort them when they are terrified of the loud celebrations. Give shelter in your building corridor to a nervous cat or a fearful stray .
  6. Use eco-friendly substances and save natural resources:
    If you are inviting friends and family over for a splendid Diwali bash, and planning to use disposable cutlery, consider using the biodegradable alternatives instead of the plastic. Being mindful of water usage is also important.
  7. Invest in a good mattress
    A restful night of sleep is important to stay active during the weeklong celebrations for Diwali. A good night’s sleep is extremely important for your health, and it is just as essential as doing exercise and eating healthy. Sadly, there is a lot that can impede your normal sleep patterns.

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Here are some reasons why good sleep is crucial:

  • Good sleep can bolster athletic performance.
  • Poor sleep impacts glucose metabolism and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Good sleep enhances immune function.
  • Poor sleep disturbs social interactions and emotions.
  • Poor sleep is associated with heightened body inflammation.
  • Poor sleep is linked to depression.
  • Good sleep can enhance productivity and concentration.
  • Poor sleep is linked to obesity.
A good mattress will ensure:
  • Lower stress levels
  • Sufficient comfort for your back and helps prevent spinal discomfort
  • It enlightens your mood when you wake up, thus increasing your efficiency
  • Quality sleep for a decade.
  • Overall health and well-being.
  • Improved quality of life

This Diwali, you must invest in a good mattress, but make sure that you consider the opinions of experts and avoid making a hasty purchase.

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It is time to bring change and to be the change in interest of the society as we look forward to the festival of lights. While doing so, make sure that you invest in a good mattress by taking advantage of the attractive Diwali offers on our wide range of products.

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