9 Ideas to Revamp your Home this Dussehra

The festive season of Durga Puja and Dussehra-Diwali is an occasion when many of us adorn our homes to make them bright and colorful. This often goes beyond the prayer room, where appealing puja decorations are kept. If you do not have the time to make extravagant preparations, stylish accessories for festivals are available in stores now. From ornate kalash, bandhanwars, and chowkis to instant thalis and rangolis, these decorations can be used to add a celebratory look to the home, instantly.

Whether you celebrate Dussehra diligently or have decided to celebrate it this year, we have some truly exciting and unique Dussehra home décor ideas for you:

  • Clean and declutter your home:
    The first thing on your to-do list before starting any preparation for the festivities should be to clean the entire house and sort through all your possessions and discard or donate things that you don’t need. It will help cut the clutter and create space for new things. You should ideally put together a cleaning plan room-by-room as it will make the whole process simpler and thorough. Do remember that decluttering your home is not enough. Once you reorganize things at your home, you must clean every surface of the house fully. Dusting the whole house will make it look impeccable before you start the Dussehra decorations.
  • Fresh flowers and potted plants for a beautiful Dussehra:
    One of the easiest ways to make your home look festive is to beautify it with colorful flowers in vases. You can also use house plants as an alternative to plucked flowers. Another wonderful interior decor option is the inclusion of ornamented and vibrant rugs. Easily accessible online, you will not have to step out to bring in this cozy piece of decor.
    1. Rangoli at the main entrance:
      The entrance to the house gives the first impression of the home. Therefore, this place must be welcoming and lively, particularly during festive occasions. Rangoli is believed to be auspicious at the main doorway of the house. If you are an expert, you can make your own rangoli, or else ready-made rangolis can be used to save time and avoid smudges. These are offered in different shapes, such as geometric and floral shapes.
      Duroflex - Dussehra
    2. Get resourceful with dried branches:
      Light strewn branches are a quirky, yet marvelous addition to any space in your home. The understated Scandi trend continues to be popular and another way to make it more attractive is to paint the branches in gold or silver, keep them all together and beautify with fairy lights. You can also hang it from the ceiling or use it to decorate the dining table. Interchangeably, you can mix them up with plants or succulents, to add that sense of nature into your home.
    3. Brighten up the living room with multicolored accessories:
      Vibrant accessories can make a big difference to the complete décor of the house. Accessories are the easiest way to give a festive look to any space. Since you cannot change your sofa set each year, you can spruce it up with new sofa covers. You can select from a wide array of designs to suit the decor of your living room during Dussehra. Combining a blend of ornate and stylish cushions in differing widths, styles, and heights can make your home appealing and cozy. A combination of light and bright color schemes for curtains can add affordable sophistication to your home.
      Duroflex - Home decoration Dussehra
    4. Decorate the dining table with scented candles:
      Light up your dining table where the whole household will sit together at the end of the day and enjoy the delightful Navaratri feast. Just fill as many of your tall wine glasses with water and fill it up with flowers and place the scented candles on top and put the finished piece on the dining table. The scented candle will add more flavor and coziness to the whole festive environment.
    5. Hanging oil lamps:
      Unique and safe, oil lamps placed on hanging holders is an appealing choice to brighten up your home this Dussehra. Available in a wide range of colors, you can opt for these or the lightly scented wax as well as conventional oil lamps to decorate your home. It is also a perfect choice of décor for your prayer room, doorway or even balconies. The hanging oil lamp decor idea works wonders for the festive look and feel.Fairy lights can also be used to beautify your interiors in innovative ways. Whether you hang them along with the curtains or keep them together in a hanging cage prop or stuffed in glass bottles, there are innumerable home decor designs when it comes to fairy lights.
    1. Reimagine the bedroom with elegant bedsheets and new mattress:
      Dussehra is the ideal time to use classy or designer bedsheets in your bedrooms. Duroflex has a large assortment of stylish bedsheets online that will give a traditional appearance to your home in the festive season. You can select from a wide range of colors, patterns, and prints to go with the furniture in the room, bedroom walls, and the décor style you love. The identical borders, tidy edges, and even stitches give these bedsheets a sophisticated look.
      Duroflex bedsheets

    This festival is also the right time to replace your old and worn out goods with new ones. You can buy mattresses online at great deals from Duroflex. It will give a new look to your bedroom and even helps you get better sleep. Check out the wide range of mattress collections from Duroflex to choose the right one of your choice.

    1. Deck up your living room for Dussehra with sofa sets, rugs and linen:
      Dussehra is the right time to get all your traditional sofa sets and rugs out and place them on display. This decoration is for those who wish to decorate their living room with modern fabric sofa sets and a wide range of linen and rugs. You can use a combination of rich red with beautiful throws in yellow and green tossed over it. For the walls, you can use paintings and fairy lights that brighten the space with a welcoming glow. Large decorative rugs will bring a festive vibe into your living room.

    Decorating your home during the Navratri and Dussehra season brings prosperity and positivity into the house, and when combined with the contemporary designs, it results in a visually appealing interior. Make the festivities more joyful by sharing the happiness with friends and family.

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