All That You Need to Set up Your New House

Moving into and setting up a new house is an exhilarating yet overwhelming experience. Whether you are overseeing the setting up of your new house on your own or you have your relatives or friends to support you, it will still take you a while to purchase all the items in your home essentials list and settle in. When you move into a new place, you will inevitably have to plan certain tasks and get a number of things ready. Each room in your new house will have several items that you must obtain based on your convenience.

You must prepare a checklist where you can list down the things to buy for a new house and prioritize safety concerns, such as cleaning, fumigating among other things. Then you must also make a list of the tasks that must be finished within a couple of months after you move in relating to maintenance, organization, and unpacking the last remaining items. Eventually, you can attend to the non-essential tasks, such as home improvements and projects that you would like to complete within the year such as landscaping and renovations.

There are certain things that you must do before moving in and other things that must be done after you have moved in. Here is a checklist that will make your task of moving into your new house a lot easier:

Before Moving in

  • TV and internet connection:
    Ensure that your internet and TV connection are up and running before you move in. Do your research to understand where you stand to assess pricing and find out about the service providers that will suit your desires. Plan the installation a couple of weeks in advance to make sure that the services are activated on time.
  • Transfer utilities:
    Set up your physical utilities such as water, cooking gas, and electricity. Although firms overseeing utilities are often timely when it comes to activation, the sooner you inform them of your move-in date, the better. This is particularly true if you are shifting during the moving season when such firms have to cater to other clients as well.
  • Schedule a day for cleaning:
    Before moving furniture and other bulky items, you must spruce up your new home. The former owner may not have meticulously cleaned the house. So, arrange an agency to come in and do a comprehensive clean-up.
  • cleaning

    After Moving in

    1. Unpacking:
      The first few days of unpacking can become a lot simpler if you have a couple of close buddies to help you out. To make the process smooth, set targets, and find out the most sensible order of unpacking. Before you know it, your new home will look like a cozy place to dwell.
    2. Get the necessary furniture:
      Chances are, you may not have all the essential furniture needed to make a home livable. Get a table, a few chairs, a cupboard, a bed, and a mattress as soon as you move in, depending on your needs.
      bed making
    3. Make a home maintenance checklist:
      Prepare a maintenance checklist to make sure your new home is in decent shape to stay. A few of these maintenance checks include tasks such as unclogging bathroom drains, landscaping among other things that may be appropriate for you once you move in.

    This new home checklist will help you keep things in order and avoid missteps as you get ready to transition into your new place of dwelling.

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