All You Need to Know About Duropedic Mattress

To enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, a comfortable and cozy mattress that offers adequate support to your neck and back is of utmost importance. However, as we spend more time today at home, especially in our bedrooms, it is essential to evaluate all your options well before identifying the perfect mattress for your body and sleeping habits.

Yes, today in the market you will find several mattresses that are exclusively designed to meet people’s diverse health concerns, especially relating to problems of the spine. Orthopedic mattress or Duropedic mattress is one such example of a tailor-made mattress. Read on to find out more about orthopedic mattresses.

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What is a Duropedic Mattress?

Duropedic is Duroflex’s range of orthopedic mattresses that is doctor-recommended and built to offer a stronger sleeping surface that delivers maximum support to your joints and spine. The field of orthopedics primarily intends to find answers to problems such as hip and back pains and joint ailments. In the past couple of decades, several varieties of modern mattresses have been developed to provide users with maximum comfort. Orthopedic mattress was developed keeping in mind the needs of people suffering from back and spine conditions. It is normally recommended for people who experience pain while sleeping, who are recovering from injuries, the elderly, and athletes or others leading an active life.

The phrase “orthopedic mattress” was first used in the 1950s, after findings of how the bones and joints work indicated that specifically designed mattresses could stop back pain among people in the morning.

The first orthopedic mattresses introduced in the market were conceived by following orthopedic standards that were known to be therapeutic for bad backs. However, many mattress sellers started calling all mattresses “orthopedic” after they observed that these mattresses were getting a good response from people and there were no proper guidelines or benchmarks in place to establish that one mattress is superior to any other. This led to the formation of a committee that came up with standards for mattress manufacturers to adhere to before they label any mattress as orthopedic.

Why is it Important for Duropedic Mattresses to be Doctor-approved?

Several mattress manufacturers and sellers claim to provide the best orthopedic mattresses. Often these claims are made without any supporting credible evidence. This leads to consumers being offered mattresses that do not really help with their orthopedic problems. Duroflex offers a range of mattresses that have been meticulously tested, scientifically built and are authentic orthopedic mattresses that can be trusted.

The range of Duropedic mattresses offered by Duroflex is developed at its sleep lab in partnership with specialists from the National Health Academy (NHA) and have undergone extensive rounds of testing before being offered to the public. Duroflex’s Duropedic mattress is among the most advanced mattresses available in the Indian market today. In addition to the many technologically sophisticated features, Duroflex orthopedic mattresses have an elite 5-Zoned Orthopedic Support System.

5-Zoned Orthopedic Support System

Our bodies are structurally divided into five zones and each zone needs a different sort of support depending on the pressure exerted. This implies that the mattress must offer differentiated support for pressure distribution of each of these zones for the best possible and soothing back support. The 5-Zoned Orthopedic Support System in the Duropedic range of Duroflex mattresses can provide this enhanced support for your back.

What are the Major Benefits of a Duropedic/Orthopedic Mattress?

Orthopedic mattresses are helpful for everyone. Even those who do not have any problems with the back or spine can use one for the health benefits they offer. Here are the key benefits of an orthopedic mattress:

  • Your weight is uniformly distributed on an orthopedic mattress. Even distribution of weight is essential to stop the accumulation of pressure points in your body, particularly around the hip, back, and neck areas. This strengthens your joints over a longer period of time, and you do not wake up in discomfort all over after sleeping.
  • An orthopedic mattress offers maximum support to your whole body while you sleep. It has a relatively firmer surface, making sure that you get the right volume of push-back force for a restful night’s sleep. This will reduce the annoyance of turning and tossing all through the night and you get out of bed feeling more rejuvenated than ever.
  • A Duropedic mattress enhances blood circulation while you are asleep by keeping an ideal posture, thus helping you to be in good health overall.
  • An orthopedic mattress keeps your spine completely aligned as it is designed in a way that your spine is positioned perfectly as you sleep, consequently lowering the possibility of spinal joint problems and back pains.

How Do Duropedic/Orthopedic Mattresses Work?

The spine supports your body during the day and goes through extreme strain. It is essential to let it relax and recover while you sleep to compensate for the stress it endured during the day. If your mattress does not offer adequate support, it could lead to back pain, poor posture, and joint pains in the future. In contrast, if you are suffering from spinal ailments such as cervical pain, chronic back pain, arthritis, or any other back problem, it is prudent to switch to a reliable orthopedic mattress.

A high-quality Duropedic mattress adapts to your body’s shape, giving ideal support to all your pressure points. This is accomplished by even distribution of weight spread across the different body zones. All spine care mattresses include a layer that lends strong support and a layer that offers comfort to reduce any strain on your spine. Such an ergonomic fabrication significantly helps in easing pain and boosting natural spine alignment while you sleep.

How Long Does an Orthopedic Mattress Last?

Just like all other types of mattresses, it is advised that you replace your orthopedic mattress every seven years. It is important to follow this recommendation if you have back problems. You might think that your orthopedic mattress is fine after it reaches the seven-year mark. However, the fillings and springs may have deteriorated, indicating that you are no longer receiving the orthopedic support you need. This could trigger your back and joint pains.

With time, the term orthopedic mattress has become commonplace in the mattress business and several brands claim to be “orthopedic” without the necessary approvals and without offering the most important attributes for an orthopedic mattress. For an authentic orthopedic mattress, look for a mattress with approval from medical experts and that offers spine alignment and pressure relief.

In conclusion, using the right orthopedic mattress will help reduce backaches, fix your sleeping posture, promote blood circulation, and facilitate the correct alignment of your spine. An orthopedic mattress ensures healthier sleep while providing you with the utmost comfort. If you are seeking the perfect orthopedic mattress, the doctor-recommended Duropedic range from Duroflex is absolutely a good choice!

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