Best Mattresses In India For Blissful Nights

Have you ever noticed how plush hotel beds are and how they transport you to a completely new world? You feel at ease, which creates the ideal atmosphere for your holiday mood. However, have you ever wondered how hotels manage to do that? They use top-notch mattresses! Yes, hotels spend a lot of money selecting an excellent mattress carefully considering all the requirements. Households, however, often fail to realise these requirements, which prevents one from getting a decent night's sleep.

Selecting an ideal mattress can be a challenging task. Customers typically take into account the thickness, material, size, and price. The most important things to consider, though, are your sleeping positions, weight, body heat, and any back or sleeping disorders. Numerous companies compete for your business by touting their superiority and enticing you with steep discounts. The fact that discounts are typically false is not always obvious to the end user.

Best Mattress Brand in India

One of the top mattress manufacturers in India, Duroflex, has the answer to all your mattress-related woes. As India's fastest-growing mattress brand, Duroflex provides sleep solutions with a national footprint, cutting-edge products, numerous proprietary innovations, and fully backward-integrated manufacturing facilities. The brand offers furniture and bed linen in addition to research-based and technologically advanced mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories.

All of Duroflex’s sleep solutions are produced in-house with the highest level of attention to quality and detail. The brand seamlessly bridges the gap between sleep and technology thanks to its fully backward-integrated manufacturing operations spread over 8 locations. Duroflex’s expansion into furniture, the best mattress in India, and other areas have made it possible to add a touch of comfort and modernism to your house.

List of Duroflex’s popular mattresses and their specification/advantages

Let’s take a look at the most popular mattresses by the best mattress brands in India, Duroflex, that customers have loved over the years.

1. Duroflex Back Magic

    High-Density Coir Mattress for Firm Back Support, 6 Inches, Certified Orthopedic

    The LiveIn Adapt by Duroflex flippable adaptable firmness roll pack mattress has three interchangeable stiffness layers: medium, soft, and firm HR foam. It is the first of its kind in India. It also includes a 3-Zone Pocket Spring.

    Features of the mattress

    • Doctor recommended
    • Orthopaedic Support in 5 Zones
    • Organic Cooling Coir
    • Personalised Quilted Material
    • Seven Years of Warranty
    • Jacquard woven fabric

    2. Orthopedic Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Mattress

      Duroflex’s Duropedic Range is the final stop on your search for a true orthopedic mattress. With its 5 Zone Support Layer, the Duropedic series provides the most cutting-edge orthopedic support and is the product of innovative research conducted in partnership with renowned orthopedists.

      Features of the mattress

      • Doctor's Advice
      • Orthopaedic Support in 5 Zones
      • Zero Motion Transfer
      • Flexible Memory Foam
      • Personalised Quilted Material
      • Ten Years of Warranty

      3. LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

      A cutting-edge back support mattress with the renowned 5 Zone Orthopaedic Support Layer is the LiveIn Duropedic Bed-in-a-Box. Its cutting-edge engineering promotes postural correction and spinal alignment. The mattress is vacuum-packed for a quick self-setup and is a practical way to get better sleep without sacrificing the extra support your back needs. Duroflex’s unique Triple Anti-Microbial Fabric is included with this mattress to keep your bedroom secure and hygienic.

      Features of the mattress

      • DIY unpacking
      • Physician Recommend
      • Orthopaedic Support in 5 Zones
      • Fabric that is triple-antimicrobial
      • Flexible Memory Foam
      • Ten Years of Warranty

      4. Strength Plus Orthopaedic Mattress with Memory Foam Coir Top

        Strength Plus, the doctor-recommended 5 Zone Full Length Mattress with a distinctive Euro Top surface for increased longevity and comfort will transform the way you sleep. This orthopaedic mattress is made to relax your muscles and soothe your back while providing tailored support to all of your problem points. Along with an Adaptive Memory Foam Layer, it also has High-Density Coir for solid support and ambient cooling. Strength Plus is, therefore, the finest option for a sound night's sleep.

        Features of the mattress

        • Advanced orthopaedic support and several health advantages have been examined, tested, and approved by the professionals at National Health Academy.
        • The Smart Orthopaedic Layer adjusts to your sleeping needs for individualised support and the best spinal alignment.
        • All of your pressure points are cradled for superior comfort and a good night's sleep.
        • High-density coir provides natural cooling and ventilation along with strong support.

        5. Up Right Orthopedic Mattress

          You will achieve proper spinal alignment with Up Right's advanced support orthopedic mattress, which features Duroflex’s renowned 5 Zone Orthopaedic Support Layer. It guarantees a good night's sleep for many years to come and is designed for improved back support and general comfort.

          Features of the mattress

          • Jacquard woven fabric
          • High-density memory foam
          • Highly recommended by doctors with 5 layers of Orthopedic support
          • Warranty upto 5 years

          6. Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress with Euro Top, Balance Plus

            Want to bring home the most incredible back support available with an extra layer of comfort? The answer lies in Balance Plus. This modern Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress with Euro Top provides tailored comfort and spinal alignment, which are essential for a restful night's sleep. It is a part of the Duropedic line and has the brand’s unique 5 Zone Orthopedic Support Layer, which has been tried out and approved by medical professionals at the National Health Academy for its superior sleep support.

            Features of the mattress

            • Knitting foam with memory foam quilting
            • Physician recommended
            • 5-layer support – Orthopedic
            • High-density bonded foam
            • High-density PU foam

            7. Edge Dual-Sided Foam Mattress

              To get a good night's sleep, you should be able to choose between two comfort levels. Don't worry; this Duroflex mattress gives you the upper hand. Edge is a split comfort mattress with a single firm side along with a soft side that is made using high-resilience foam. The mattress is exceptionally supportive and ideal for most sleep positions, thanks to its many foam layers. This double-sided mattress was carefully made, and it has a beautiful knitted fabric finish for extra comfort.

              Features of the mattress

              • High comfort - For improved comfort and support, many layers of the adaptable foam cushion.
              • Dual Side - a reversible mattress with a layer of soft comfort foam on one side and a hard support foam layer on the other. For a comfortable sleeping experience, flip it over as you see fit.
              • Reversible
              • Warranty upto 5 years

              8. Kaya Natural Latex Mattress Chemical Free

                Kaya is a completely natural latex mattress with a natural cotton cover that benefits you and the environment. It is environmentally sustainable, has long-term health advantages, and provides superb bodily support. One of the best natural materials for sleeping on is latex because it is inherently supportive and robust. As a result of improved airflow provided by the pin core latex layer, the mattress remains cool, fresh, and hygienic. This mattress is biodegradable thanks to the use of natural materials, putting you one step closer to living sustainably.

                Features of the mattress

                • Natural Latex, 100% - Pure GOLS obtained locally for soft cushioning and bouncy support, using certified latex foam.
                • Ventilated designs – The coir and pin core construction of the mattress improve airflow, making it the best choice for hot sleepers.
                • Organic Cotton Fabric – The mattress feels more luxurious because of its finely knit cover, which keeps it soft and fresh.

                What to Look for While Buying a Mattress?

                It's crucial to consider the mattress type that best suits your level of comfort, physical makeup, and sleeping habits when purchasing one. Pocket Spring, Memory Foam, Latex, and Hybrid mattresses are just a few of the premium mattress varieties that the best mattress companies in India, Duroflex, offer. Mattresses made of memory foam are renowned for their ability to conform to the body and offer superior pressure relief.

                The Duroflex Hybrid mattress is the most economical option available. This mattress blends foam layers with pocketed springs for greater comfort and support. Additionally, it has a quilted top for added comfort and a layer of permeable foam. This mattress is a fantastic option for individuals looking for a supportive and comfy mattress on a budget because of the combination of these attributes.

                The top luxury mattress available is the Duroflex Latex mattress. This mattress is made of natural latex, which is resilient and breathable for a plush sleeping experience. Additionally, it has a quilted top for added comfort and a layer of permeable foam for improved airflow. This mattress's combination of characteristics is ideal for those seeking the height of luxury.


                Selecting the ideal mattress is a complex undertaking. Finding the best mattress to sleep in India might be challenging with so many alternatives available. Fortunately, Duroflex mattresses come in ample options to make it easier for you to choose. Duroflex provides a mattress to suit your needs, whether you want one that offers luxury comfort, solid support, or something in between.


                • What kind of mattress relieves back pain the best?

                  Because they conform to your body and offer the best support, memory foam mattresses are the best for back pain. If you want a mattress with greater comfort and support, consider the Duroflex Memory Foam model.

                  • Which mattress is the finest to purchase?

                    The best sleep mattress in India depends on your preferences, sleeping habits, and financial situation.

                    • How frequently should a mattress be changed?

                      A mattress should typically be updated every 8 to 10 years. The kind and calibre of the mattress, nevertheless, can change this.

                      • Which mattress type offers the best comfort?

                        The best bed mattress in India will depend on your tastes. Because of their ability to conform, memory foam plus latex mattresses are popular options, whereas innerspring mattresses provide a more conventional feel.

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