Does Your Mattress Offer You Customized Support?

Do you find yourself waking up exhausted or with strange body aches in the morning? If you do, one of the reasons could be your mattress. Each year, a large section of our population suffers from sleeplessness. However, these sleep-deprived groups can still somehow improve their condition by getting a mattress that offers customized support to each part of your body.

Generic one-size-fits-all mattresses only account for a quarter of people’s preferences. The rest often compromise on sleeping comfort. However, there are several certain mattresses like the doctor recommended Duropedic range from Duroflex that offer a 5 Zoned support to your body.

Your Requirements are Exclusively Yours

You understand yourself better than anybody else. The same applies to sleep. You know if you prefer sleeping on your back or on your side. You know if you start sweating at night. And you know if you suffer from back pain after waking up in the morning. Getting an orthopedic mattress fitted appropriately to these requirements is extremely important for a good night’s sleep.

What are the Benefits of an Orthopedic Mattress that Offers Customized Support?

A custom-built mattress offers the following benefits:

    1. Eases chronic back, neck and shoulder pain:
      If your mattress is too firm or soft, you will wake up feeling tired instead of feeling refreshed. If you sleep on a mattress that’s not ideal for your body, you will experience numbness in your arms, joint pressure on your hips, and back, neck and shoulder pain. These problems can be avoided by using an orthopedic mattress with a firmness level that matches your preference and sleeping position.
  • Prevents common sleep disorders:
    Orthopedic mattresses are meant to support each part of your body, thereby ensuring comfort irrespective of how you lie down on them. This is vital for your overall sleep quality since musculoskeletal ailments often trigger most sleep disorders. A customized mattress ensures minimum musculoskeletal discomfort by offering the right spinal alignment.
  • Keeps the body cool:
    Inadequate and disrupted sleep can impact your reasoning, mood, and memory and you may feel annoyed or unenthusiastic during the day. If you are vulnerable to heat or temperature changes during sleep, you could find difficulty in getting restful sleep, especially with a memory foam mattress that often becomes too hot at night. A good quality customized mattress made using a heat-absorbing material will keep you cool at night. Duropedic mattresses are often made from coir and other breathable materials that ensure your body remains cool. Coir absorbs moisture from the air, letting it circulate easily through the mattress, giving it a nice cool feeling. Therefore, irrespective of the summer heat, you can enjoy a cool sleep experience.
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    1. Prevents snoring and other breathing issues:
      Finding the right mattress can help resolve your breathing issues during sleep. Sleep apnea and snoring are common breathing problems.

    If you sleep on your back or side, an old mattress can impede airflow to your lungs. If you have to continuously adjust your sleeping position, you may aggravate your breathing troubles.

    There are several brands that customize mattresses as per your requirements and one way to assess a brand is to look at their costs for standard sizes and compare them to those of other brands. Duroflex’s orthopedic mattress range has been developed after groundbreaking research in partnership with reputed orthopedists. Our Duropedic range offers an advanced orthopedic support system with 5-Zoned Support System that cradles the body, corrects posture and offers an invigorating sleep experience.

    If you are keen on getting a customized mattress made for an optimal sleeping experience, explore the various options at Duroflex.

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