Everything You Need to Know About Sheesham Wood Beds

Eye-catching and ageless, these are two expressions that are often associated with wooden furniture. Wood is commonly used as the principal raw material in interior design and certain furniture requirements. Today wood is perceived as a material that brings nature indoors without being out of place in a modern home. Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood, is among the most popular woods used to make furniture, especially beds in the Indian subcontinent. However, homeowners today are not well informed about Sheesham wood. To make an educated decision before purchasing Sheesham wood beds, it is important that you understand its various features and benefits.

What Is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham grows across the sub-Himalayan belt, extending from Assam in the east to River Indus in the west. It typically grows along riverbanks and attains a height of up to 1300 m. It grows in temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C and can tolerate an average annual rainfall of a maximum of 2000 mm and droughts not surpassing three to four months.

Sheesham wood is extremely flexible and pliable to all sorts of finishes, and therefore, is the preferred wood for making furniture. It delivers an even finish and sheen to anything built out of it. Due to its features, Sheesham is the desired choice for nearly all wood designs. Beds made from Sheesham wood adds style and elegance to any bedroom. It is time you go for a home upgrade by investing in top-class Sheesham wood furniture.

A key feature of Sheesham is that it is categorized as hardwood, which is wood that originates from dicot trees and is often found in tropical forests. Hardwood trees have a slower growth rate than softwood trees and are also much bigger. Hardwood trees are significantly tougher and durable than softwood trees due to the lignin layer in their xylem vessels. Hardwood trees are resistant to fire and don't break easily.

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Why Sheesham Wood is an Ideal Choice for Beds

Rosewood or Sheesham has become synonymous with opulent, top-end furniture. It has a bright red hue and exceptional texture that adds a new dimension to space. Sheesham has traditionally been used to build sophisticated furniture so if skillfully design beds that can bear a lot of wear and tear is what you are seeking, using Sheesham is your best bet. Sheesham comes under strict trade regulations, so make sure that the wood you purchase is genuine and has been farmed ethically and sustainably. At Duroflex, all the raw materials are sourced ethically and in a manner that ensures there is no harmful impact on the environment.

Sheesham wood bed is also highly recommended if you are thinking of getting your wooden bed online. People residing in modern-day apartments often purchase storage beds because of space crunch. You can manage extra bedding materials with the help of a storage bed and keep them organized and dust-free in a single place, so you do not have to search for them each time you invite guests. This will enhance the aesthetics of your room and improve your mental health.

Sheesham wood beds are durable and long-lasting and you need not worry about purchasing a new one for years. They are reasonably priced, and yet, offer fantastic styles and colours to choose from. The wide selection of shades makes it a wonderful choice of bed for several people. Sheesham wood can be easily carved, giving you the option to go for an intricately designed headboard. A bed is the most important part of your bedroom in addition to being an essential investment for your health. Hence, if you wish to have an elaborately designed bed that will stand out and add to the modern look of your bedroom, then go for a Sheesham wood bed.

Benefits of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood furniture offers the following key benefits:

  • Sheesham wood is used to make windows and doors.
  • Sheesham wood has several applications in aircraft and marine plywood, as charcoal for heating and cooking food, creating musical instruments, sporting goods, decorative turnery, and engraving and carving.
  • Each slice of Sheesham furniture has its own distinctive colour and it can be easily hand waxed, giving it a smooth exterior.
  • Sheesham wood is extremely durable and resists dry-wood termites.
  • Sheesham wood neither splits nor warps, so it is commonly used to make cupboards and other furniture.
  • It has an inherent resistance to deterioration and has widespread use for engraving and woodcarving work.
  • It exhibits a brilliant shine when polished and offers a smooth finish.

Salient Features of Sheesham Wood

The most important features of Sheesham wood can be classified under the following titles:

  • Sheesham wood’s colour contrasts from deep to golden reddish-brown.
  • The wood comprises natural wood patterns, noticeable as dark stripes.
  • Sheesham wood has interlocked grains, making it exceedingly durable and tough.
  • Sheesham wood works perfectly with all sorts of glues, machinery, and finishing. And therefore, it is always in great demand and is a preferred choice for furniture-making, especially Sheesham wood beds.
  • Sheesham is also widely used for wood carvings due to its pliability. When designing wooden furniture, the preferred alternative is often Sheesham.
  • Sheesham wood from Indian rosewood trees is exceptionally resistant to termites.
  • Due to the hard texture of Sheesham, it does not warp or slip, making it the ideal choice for wooden cabinets.
  • Sheesham is extremely resistant to natural deterioration. However, it is vulnerable to wood-boring beetles, and therefore, must be checked at regular intervals.

With so many advantages, more people prefer Sheesham wood furniture over other types.

Maintaining Good Care of Sheesham Wood Furniture

Sheesham is known for its durability, resistance against mites, and strength, but you must take certain measures to keep your Sheesham wood furniture in good condition, so they last longer. Here is a list of some of the measures that must be taken:

  • Get your Sheesham furniture polished frequently to maintain its finish, appeal, and look.
  • Dust your Sheesham wood bed and other furniture frequently to prevent dirt from settling on it.
  • To prevent scrapes or scratches on your Sheesham furniture, always use a gentle shielding prior to placing any sharp objects or ornaments on it.
  • Use coasters or heatproof mats before placing hot substances to prevent marks on the wooden surface of furniture.
  • Furniture made out of Sheesham must not be kept under direct sunlight or in proximity to fireplaces.
  • Sheesham must never be subjected to extreme temperatures.

Once you recognize what Sheesham wood has to offer, you will no longer think about other types of furniture. Sheesham wood is pliable, yet robust, allowing it to be used to build any custom-made designs. If you wish to have a set of uniquely designed furniture in your home, Sheesham should be your preferred choice of wood. Duroflex offers numerous well-built Sheesham furniture online that are engineered from high-quality hardware and raw material that provides a sturdy feel. This furniture is smooth with straight-cut designs that add to the décor of your room. Sheesham furniture flawlessly combines with your room décor. Interior designers often endorse Sheesham furniture because of this unique characteristic.

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