How To Clean a Sofa At Home: Full Guide

Sofas are among the most utilised furniture items in every home. Your living room sofa has your back, whether you want to unwind after a stressful day at work or enjoy a quiet weekend with family and friends. As a result, regular sofa cleaning is necessary to maintain optimum hygiene. Duroflex sofa sets will help you meet your expectations by making the best first impression and fitting into any living area.

This article will enhance your knowledge of “how to clean a sofa at home”.

Importance of Cleaning Sofa at Home

Your sofa sets' material will last longer if you keep them clean. Dry cleaning the sofa can help them retain its original appearance and colour for a longer period. Additionally, by cleaning the sofa at home, the living room is scented and appears cosier.

Cleaning your sofa set can:

  • Eliminate odours
  • Enhances the attractiveness
  • Eliminate any allergens (dust, skin flakes, cat dander)
  • Extend the use of it

Things to Consider Before Cleaning Sofa at Home

Every sofa is built uniquely. Cleaning procedures also differ depending on the item's form, fabric, and cut. To clean a sofa at home, there is No One Size Fits All Solution.

For best results, use this pre-cleaning checklist:

  1. Recognize the Sofa's Needs

It's crucial first to determine what materials were used to make your sofa. If you've bought a sofa from Duroflex, you can also access fabric-related information on the website.

  1. Examine the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines

The majority of manufacturers offer cleaning instructions. These instructions must be understood and followed.

  1. Before deep cleaning your sofa, remove any dust and grime

Remove the top layer of dust and filth before learning how to clean a sofa at home. After that, you can dust the sofa with a hoover and steam-clean it.

How To Clean a Sofa at Home

Understanding how to clean a sofa at home is mostly concerned with stains. A minor stain might tarnish your sofa's true appeal. Given below are ways by which you can deep clean your sofa at home:

  • Clean the surface as soon as you stain it. The stain will be more challenging to remove the older it is.
  • You might try cleaning your sofa with acetone or rubbing alcohol if it is not suited for water-based cleaners.
  • The living room sofa is prone to collecting bacteria, which can cause infections and diseases to spread. Any hand sanitiser, laundry detergent, or natural disinfection spray is an option for cleaning the sofa at home.

Sofa Maintenance and Care

After learning how to clean a sofa at home, you must also know how to keep it smelling fresh. Maintenance is important since regular routines and easy procedures can lengthen the life of your furniture and reduce the frequency of extensive cleaning.

  • Determine the kind of sofa material you want to use before anything else.
  • Always consider sofas with stands or legs if you're buying a new one. The maintenance of sofas that you can lift off the ground is simpler.
  • Also, baking soda is your go-to solution if you're wondering about cleaning your sofa without water.

How to Maintain a Clean Sofa

The maintenance fixes we hear about are frequently impractical. You must thus consider these techniques and come up with more concrete and useful solutions for yourself.

  • Always wipe your feet before putting them on the sofa, and add a rug.
  • In your living room, keep small bottles of DIY cleaners and sanitisers so you can use them right away.
  • The pillows might easily be given a velcro fastening so they could be held in place.


By removing the foul smell and filth from the couch, keeping your sofa clean gives your living room new vitality. As soon as you get home from a busy day, it opens the door to your home. The remarkable sofas in Duroflex's sofa sets may be cleaned properly and frequently to extend their lifespan.

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