Meaningful Gifts to Give this Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us and with it comes the dilemma of choosing the perfect wedding gift for the newlyweds. Whether it’s your friend or a relative who’s tying the knot, wedding presents need thoughtful deliberation. Gifts like crockery sets, showpieces, picture frames are now passé. They serve no purpose and mostly end up locked in an attic for eternity.

From small to high-budget gifts, there are several exceptional and personalized gifting options available today for you to give to the newly-weds and get the fulfilment of handing them something useful for their new home. Here are some of the perfect gifting options for a newly-wed couple:

  1. Furniture: Bed and Sofa

    Beds come in a wide range of sizes, but the two standard ones of queen and king size are the most suitable. Help the newlyweds give the bedroom a makeover by gifting a simple wooden bed or one with an elegant headboard. Complete the gift with an appropriate mattress and pillow and you will have sorted out the most important furniture that makes a home appealing for the couple.

    A decent sofa is not just a key functional piece of furniture, but it also makes any living room complete and comfortable, particularly when guests come over, which is quite often in a newly-wed couple’s home. You can select from several options such as premium leatherette, fabric, and leather. You can also have the upholstery customized to the couple’s taste. By gifting a sofa to a newly-wed couple, you would be handing them one of the most important furniture pieces.

    Dining set:
    You can make a couple’s mealtimes enjoyable and cozy by giving them a dining set instead of making them go through improvised dining spaces on the couch. Even a simple 4-seater table makes a difference. You can opt for a larger table that seats six to eight people based on the family size and frequency of guests. When it comes to the material, there are several options ranging from glass, wood, and marble for dining sets of all shapes and sizes.

    Coffee table
    A coffee table that can double up as a side table or center table is the best and the simplest wedding gift to give away to a newly married couple. They have the freedom to use it as they wish. These tables are versatile and can come in handy both as a place to store things as well as during snack time and casual get-togethers.

    Duroflex offers a wide range of furniture sets including bed, sofa set and tables. You can explore the entire collection here.
  2. Sleep essentials:

    After all the festivities and functions, the couples need a good mattress to get a good night’s sleep. You can help your newlywed friend and their partner by gifting a new mattress where they can take the much-needed rest after all the stress from planning the wedding. Newlyweds get all kinds of wedding gifts such as gift cards, flowers, and wine, but they rarely get something like a mattress. This time, save them the trouble of buying a new mattress and get them this gift.
    Duroflex NRG40

    Personalized couple pillow:
    If you wish to give the newly-wed couple a personalized gift that will give them stress-free nights & days, then a personalized couple pillow is a good option. There are many brands that offer personalized couple pillows that you can customize as per the demands of the newly-weds.

    A lovely set of bedsheets contributes to a newly-wed couple getting a good night's sleep. Couples should ideally have at least a set of classic white bedding, which is timeless and perfect for all seasons. These sleep essentials are perfect gifting options for all budgets.
  3. Tailor-made wedding hampers:
    Get a one-of-a-kind and personalized wedding hamper made especially for the couple. Understand their taste, likings and look for a decent vendor who can customize a special gift hamper for the newly-weds. You can fill it up with all kinds of goodies such as couple’s pictures, macaroons, handmade soaps, and scented candles
  4. Healthcare wearables:
    Wearable fitness technology gadgets, whether smartwatches or devices that track activity and sleep cycles have become mainstream. On the back of increasing demand from consumers to keep an eye on their health, the use of wearable technology has more than tripled in the recent past. So it is an ideal gift for a newly-wed couple.
  5. Gift cards:
    If you wish to give your newlywed friends the choice to buy a product on their own, then a gift card is the best option. Duroflex offers its own E-Gift Card that you can give to your friend as a thoughtful gift for new beginnings. The card gives them the freedom to redeem the cash amount on any product listed on
  1. Kitchen and home appliances:
    Kitchen appliances make for the most practical wedding gifts because their utility and functionality give a strong purpose for the newlywed to use them. After all, when setting up a new dwelling you ought to have wonderful new things! Whether it is an induction cooker, water purifier or electric kettle, there is always something which you can give for all price range
  2. Home décor items:
    An amiable setting at home after work makes the evening stress-free and calming. It is a good option, therefore, to give a newly-wed couple a decorative item that calms the mood. Based on the likes and preferences of the couple, you can choose from any of the following items:
  • In-door plants:
    Whether it is one that purifies the air or relaxes your mood, indoor plants are the best option for a wedding gift. A fresh and healthy plant demonstrates that you truly thought about the well-being of the couple.
  • Floor lamp:
    Gifting a newly-wed couple a decorative floor lamp or table lamp is a unique gesture as often people do not consider it as a gifting option.
  • Scented candles:
    Aromatic candles are known to invigorate and calm the mood. It will release all sorts of stress and keep the home and the mood in general, pleasing.

These are some of the various alternatives that you can choose as a wedding gift to your friends or family members who are all set to tie the knot. It is imperative that you understand the needs of the couple for whom you are purchasing the gift before actually investing in it.

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