Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

There is no better thing in the whole world than to come back home and plop yourself on the throne of comfort and listen to something soothing while your eyes slowly doze off. Don't you agree?

A recliner is an armchair that guarantees the necessary comfort where you can lower your back and raise the foot of this chair, allowing you to experience complete relaxation. These chairs spell luxury investment not only in terms of money but also comfort you in the bed of luxury for a very long time.

A recliner chair provides luxurious, stress-relieving luxury while incorporating various valuable and attractive features. From offering different types of reclining settings depending on the mechanism to being space-saving, this continues to be a favourite piece of furniture to adorn the households.

Being the desirable piece of furniture that it is, we need to peruse our choices carefully considering a few things before buying a recliner:

1) The living room Layout:

When making a move to buy your recliner either through online shopping or physically to the shop. The very first thing is to consider the layout of the room. Examine the dimensions of the room. This is where you come to relax after a hectic day. The space between the wall and the furniture must be around 1 to 3 feet. It varies from person to person.

2) Your height
A recliner's aim is to let you sit comfortably for as long as you need. In the sitting position, make sure your feet are on the floor and your head is comfortably resting on the headrest. Make sure the distance between the seat and the leg rest is no more than 5 inches. For little children and pets, this can be a safety threat.

3) The Construction

A look at recliner construction consists of heavy screws and quiet motors if the recliner is automatic. If it’s manual then easy-to-use levers or handles form the basis of construction.

4) Materials:
There are a number of choices available when it comes to choosing material for cushioning. It may get a little harrowing to land on the right material. Here’s where your personal choices come into play. Duroflex’s recliner line offers you an earthly tone premium fabric in grey and beige colours respectively.

5) Cost

Several factors impact the price of a recliner such as customization of your recliner and build quality among many things. It's important to consider how regularly you are putting your recliner to use and its purpose. There’s should be no compromise on quality even if it means shelling out some money on fabrics.


A good recliner must be designed to support people of varying sizes, heights and weights. It must be able to provide hours of comfort while also removing stress and tiredness. When looking for the perfect recliner pay close attention to the specifications to see what sort of the support they provide. Even the most luxurious seats should provide lumbar, and leg support.

Addressing some important questions, regarding the size of the recliner. Especially when you take a lot of room like when the back is reclined and the foot is extended. Make sure your room has appropriate footage Duroflex’recliners are also space-saving and it’s simple to assemble on your own.

Things you have to be careful with while using a manual recliner:

1) You need to be careful while using the lever if you are a owner of long fingernails. You could break your nails if you hold it wrongly.

2) Pushing the leg rest down may be hard for senior citizens when they get up after relaxing from their seats. It may be strenuous on the leg and abdomen areas.

3) After zeroing on the recliner, you like, take a seat and evaluate how it fits your body in a seated and reclined position. Taking it into account,

What part of your ankle does the footrest hit?

You should make sure that the footrest supports the heels of your feet. Your legs will hang off if the footrest is too short. This might place strain on your Achilles tendon, resulting in ankle pain.

Recliners are meant to help you relax whenever you plop yourself on them but they can amplify your comfort if you are conscious of the features and design. The affordable recliners from Duroflex that it’s worth the money spent. The recliners come with trusted Duroflex foam, anti-warping pine wood frame and plush comfort with three reclining settings.

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