5 Ways to Make Your Home Extra Cozy This Winter

The arrival of winter means the onset of shorter days and longer nights giving you more time to spend curled up indoors. This drop in temperature can feel gloomy but it need not be so. This is the best time to turn your home into the cosy haven that you always wanted it to be. Without spending much, you can redecorate your home by using the items that you already have. Read on to know more about how you can turn your home into the perfect space to see out the harsh winter season

    1. Rug next to your bed:
      Get some warm cosy rugs by your bed and say goodbye to waking up and treading onto icy cold floors. These rugs will keep your toes warm and help shield your feet from freezing cold. Rugs not only offer an appearance of warmth, but you will also get actual warmth, especially if you get thick and bushy rugs.
  • Buy fine bed linens and pillows:
    A wonderful set of sheets and comfy pillows add an extra bit of cosiness and are things that can be traded for your new winter nest. Besides the mattress, high thread count bed linens and comfy pillows will enhance the way you sleep. Fleece sheets are ideal for use in the winter since they make a huge difference in keeping your room extra warm. Soft fabrics such as cotton flannel, velvet, and fleece make your bed cosy.
  • Include warm lighting:
    As the days get shorter, make use of your home's lighting to offset for a dearth of daylight. Build a cosy setting with light fixtures that radiate a soft glow. Reposition table fixtures and floor lamps to illuminate dark corners or fix an additional light at your beloved reading spot. You can fix semi-opaque shades over your lamps for a subtle glow that will spread the light or turn to bulbs with a warmer colour.
  • living room
    1. Create a cosy lounging space with recliners:
      Recliners chairs offer comfort to your back and are highly comfortable for longer durations. This characteristic of a recliner comes from its reclining nature that distributes weight uniformly and reduces overall body strain. It allows people to experience greater comfort. You can get cozy and durable recliners.
      duro sofa
    2. Opt for heavier drapes:
      Replace your summer sheers for decorative drapes in a heavier fabric. Thicker drapes keep out drafts and add elegance to your room, particularly if they go all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Do keep in mind that drapes must hover slightly above the floor to repel dust and prevent tripping hazards.

    A new season is a perfect opportunity for introducing new home decor. You must start by forgoing the modest aesthetic and bringing out the artistic décor as it will generate a warm and soothing feel to your home. Try out these small and affordable winter decor suggestions listed above to spend your winter in a cosy atmosphere.

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