7 Reasons To Reconnect With Lullabies

Lullabies are a 4000 year old tradition scientifically proven to induce sleep and here is why now is the right time to reconnect with these sounds of sleep.

FAbout Lullabies

Lullabies are one of the oldest sleep aids known to mankind. Many studies have proven the role of lullabies as a special kind of sleep music that helps induce sleep among infants and young children while also assisting in language and cognitive development.

A lot many times lullabies are also used to pass down folk tales and local traditions to the younger generation to strengthen their cultural knowledge and have them stay connected to their roots. These cradle songs are also a great way to strengthen the emotional bond between the parent and the child.

Lullabies in India

Lullabies or ‘Loris’ as they are popularly known in Hindi have been an integral part of India’s rich cultural heritage. Most of us have grown up listening to sleep songs our parents either made up for us or the ones that were popular regionally. In fact starting in the fifties, many lullabies were made mainstream by Bollywood and as a result have stayed with us all along these years.

Songs like “Aaja Re Aa Nindiya Tu Aa” are still considered to be iconic sleep songs and are reminiscent of a time when sleep routines were simple and blissful.

A lot many of the popular lullabies have also originated from folk tales and songs in traditional Indian languages from different regional communities. A fine example is “Omanathinkal Kidavo” - an iconic Malayalam lullaby that was composed by a Carnatic musician at the request of King of Travancore to put his baby boy and future king to sleep.

Similar origin stories of lullabies in local languages can be found all across India, contributing to the endless list of sleep songs we as kids grew up listening to.

Lullabies & modern day sleep habits

The fast-paced lifestyle we are all accustomed to leaves little or no time for us and our kids to unwind and relax. Sleep cycles are disrupted quite often to accommodate our hectic schedules which is leading to poor sleep quality and pediatric sleep disorders among kids.

Sleep aids like lullabies and other sleep music if made a regular part of our pre-sleep routine can make way for healthy sleep habits both for parents and kids.

7 Benefits of listening to lullabies:
  1. Lullabies are known to help establish an emotional bond between parents and the baby even before the baby is born. Babies are able to hear sounds from inside the mother’s womb and can use this to imprint their mother’s voice into their memory to create bonding early on. In fact, release of Oxytocin also known as love hormone is associated with the singing of lullabies, which helps in nurturing parent-child bond.
  2. Studies have shown that lullabies are the most successful type of music or sound for relieving stress and improving the overall psychological health of pregnant women.
  3. Lullabies are known for their simple melody and repetitive lyrics that resemble the swinging motion of a cradle. This creates a rhythm very similar to that a baby experiences when he or she is inside the mother’s womb. Hence when a mother sings a lullaby to the baby, it instantly makes the little one experience the same comfort and sense of security. This feeling is conducive to falling asleep peacefully.
  4. Music is proven to regulate emotions and lullabies certainly ace it. They help both the baby as well as the parents in feeling relaxed by regulating positive emotions which is crucial for good sleep.
  5. We all know the importance of establishing a fixed sleep schedule for a good night’s sleep. Lullabies are a great tool to help with the same. It is a good way for exhausted parents to unwind with their children while helping them build a healthy bedtime routine.
  6. Lullabies help stimulate language and cognitive development as it prepares the baby to get ready to develop language skills. The simple melodies help the child understand the mother tongue and get the brain ready to absorb words, languages and sounds.
  7. Lullabies are a great gateway for kids to understand and learn about his or her own culture and heritage at an early age.

Final Word

Lullabies are loved by babies and parents alike. They are truly universal in spite of being sung in an unfamiliar language and they are able to successfully induce and reduce any kind of stress the baby or even the parents might be experiencing.

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