About Duroflex Sounds of Sleep

Duroflex Sounds of Sleep is a unique digital music series aimed to revive, celebrate, and recreate India’s rich tradition of regional lullabies with the aim of fostering a healthy pre-sleep routine. The series will be hosted by popular actor and new mum Kalki Koechlin.

This 6 episode series will feature India’s top singers including Monali Thakur, Shalmali Kholgade, Sanah Moidutty, Chinmayi Sripada, Shilpa Rao and Geetha Madhuri with a new episode releasing every week.


Episode 1: 

A tribute to the time gone by

Sung by Monali Thakur in her soulful voice, Nanhi Kali Sone Chali is one of the most popular hindi lullabies that instantly fills us up with nostalgia. It is a beautiful cradle song originally sung by Bollywood legend ‘Geeta Dutt’ and is now revived to naturally induce relaxation and sleep with its soft beats and steady tempo.


Episode 2:

Bengal's melodious masterpiece

'Ghumer Pori' is a gift to us by Rabindranath Tagore, a man who reshaped Bengali literature and music. It is a popular Bengali lullaby beautifully narrating the story of a mother putting her child to sleep. For Duroflex Sounds of Sleep, we have recreated this lullaby in the magnetic voice of our very own symphony in motion, Shalmali Kholgade.


Episode 3:

Lullaby composed for a royal baby

We are excited to revive the most popular Malayalam lullaby which interestingly doesn't have the word 'sleep' in it even once. The sleep is induced by the effect of the unique Kurinji raag originally used in the song. It was composed by the biggest icon of Carnatic music, Irayimman Thampi in 1813 on a special request of the king of Travancore to put his baby boy to sleep.


Episode 4:

Unforgettable composition by a celebrated Tamil poet

Giving a heartfelt tribute to parenthood, this popular Tamil lullaby has been recreated by Chinmayi Sripada who has done full justice to this piece of music by staying true to its original tone. Written by Mahakavi Bharathi, one of the greatest Tamil literary geniuses of all time, this lullaby is known to naturally induce sleep with its soothing and relaxing melody.


Episode 5:

Lullaby from the Land of Five Rivers

Music is a big part of Punjab's rich cultural heritage and we have picked a truly soulful lullaby 'Saun Ja Meri Rani' for you to experience the magic music can create. This Punjabi lullaby is sung by Shilpa Rao in her euphonic voice. It is a treat for the ears with its therapeutic melody and simple lyrics.


Episode 6:

A Heart-touching Rendition to Fall Asleep To

A Telugu lullaby kids in and around Andhra Pradesh have not only fallen asleep to but grew up listening to. We have the talented singer Geetha Madhuri recreate it in her melodious voice to wrap up Season 1 of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep in the most beautiful way possible.

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