How To Prepare Your Bedroom For Summers?

Indian summers can be especially harsh with extremely high temperatures. Add to this; there are frequent power cuts, which means the ACs are unusable even if you have them. So that means you end up tossing and turning in the bed due to heat. Prepare the bedroom for the upcoming summer to make the bedroom a bearable space during the hot season. Here are some ways to prepare your bedroom:

    1. Choose Light-Coloured Bedlinen:

      Most people would have learned in physics that dark colours absorb heat. Light is a form of energy, and hence a darker bedlinen will have more heat absorption. Also, darker colours radiate more heat, which will increase the overall temperature of the bedroom. So when you are shopping for

    2. bedlinen online:
      choose pastel colours or softer hues as they are more calming. Dark, opaque and saturated colours are good for winters and can be used during that season. Additionally, whites, creams, ivories and light greys create a more peaceful environment and hence allow you to relax.
      Choose light-coloured bed linen
  • Declutter the Room:
    Despite the place you are from, Summers in India are hot. So the best way to reduce heat is to declutter your room of unwanted things that contributes to heat. Some of the things that are culprits are dark, thick and heavy window and door curtains, carpets, rugs, heavy comforters and even old mattresses. It is also ideal for clearing non-essential things that take up space and retain heat.
  • Keep the Colours Light:
    Since summers are bright with lots of natural light streaming in, you will want the bedroom ambience to be breezy and light. Before you jump thinking you should change the paint in your room, it's not what is needed. A few changes in your window curtains or what you cover the bed with is all that is needed. Use sheer curtains that are light in colour or buy bedsheets with creamy undertones. Use colours like the squat, magenta, marigold, etc., that utilise natural beauty.
    1. Change Mattress:
      It is an understatement when you say summers are hot in India. The mattress you lie on should not make you feel more uncomfortable on a hot night, as that can leave you groggy in the morning. While the market is flooded with many types of mattresses, there are very few that suits Indian summers. Buy Coir mattress as it is ideal for hot summers as they provide good air circulation and prevent heat from getting trapped in the surface. The primary material used is coconut fibres or coir, which remains cool in summer. Hence suited for summers.
    2. Mattress Protectors:
      It becomes hard to sleep when you are warm. The tossing and turning and the restlessness make it hard to get a good night's sleep. But there are a few things that can be done to change the climate of your bedroom. The most important is cooling the mattress, especially if you are using a foam mattress. The foam mattress is sensitive to body temperature and room temperature. If you cannot invest in a new coir mattress that can keep you cool, you can purchase a mattress protector with a cooling effect. These are a great way to keep the mattress cool while providing extra comfort. When choosing a protector, ensure that it is sweatproof and has anti-viral properties.
    3. Bring the Outdoors Inside:
      The reason people love summers is because of the fact that you can spend many hours outside. If you are unable to spend that much time outdoors for various reasons, you can bring that indoors in the form of flowers and plants. These plants add freshness and make for a soothing environment so that the bedroom is more relaxed. Add flower bouquets to make it pop with colour, and it is the perfect way to decorate without spending too much money.
      Bring outdoors indoors
    4. Choose the Right Material:
      Making your bedroom summer ready is about choosing the right materials and is not about layering. Cotton, linen and other natural materials that are breathable should opt over something like synthetics that trap heat. Also, when choosing bedsheets online, check if these materials absorb sweat and can be easily washed in the washing machine without fading. The bed sheets price is not an indicator of the quality, as costly ones do not mean more comfort.

    To make the bedroom comfy and cool making small changes in the colour palette or swapping fabrics or other simple things mentioned above is needed. Making the switch is easy, and your bedroom is summer-ready.

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