Tips to Choose Your Best Bedsheets

Considering that we spend about 33% of our lives sleeping, it is imperative that we purchase bedsheets that are comfortable, as well as stand the test of time. In addition to making your sleep space more comfortable, great bedsheets also characterize your room décor and elevate its ambience. When you purchase bedsheets online, there are several key factors that must be considered, like size, material, the needed care & maintenance, and your budget. While shopping for bedsheets online, you must keep an eye out for these things to make the right choice for your bedroom.

Follow these tips and try to purchase all your bedding requirements from Duroflex for a smoother, softer sleeping experience:

    • Material:
      Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the type of fabric for their bedsheets. However, you can choose cotton-poplin sheets if you wish to have something light. Cotton is breathable and soft and will keep you warm during the winter and keep you cool in the summer. Cotton-polyester is a combination that is wrinkle-free and affordable but is not as cool as cotton. Linen is a fashionable option during summer as it has a genuine cooling effect, and it soaks up heat from your body. Opt for linen that becomes softer the more you wash.
    • Thread count:
      The thread count of a fabric tells how coarse or fine the fabric is. However, a higher thread count does not essentially imply that the sheets will remain soft, as producers can modify the sheets by enriching them with silicone softeners that vanish after the first wash. Comfortable sheets are made of 100% cotton. Pima cotton, combed cotton, and Egyptian cotton are good alternatives, but if you wish to have a more reasonably priced option, the polyester/percale blend is the best.
      Best Bedsheets tread count
  • Breathability: Bed linen is either dyed or printed. This makes it essential to verify if the processes used to make the sheets are chemical free and whether they are safe for your skin. The weave and material of the fabric also establish how breathable it is, i.e., if it remains cool or heats up against your skin.
  • Take proper care of the bedsheets: No matter what kind of bedsheet you select, it is important to take proper care of them to make them last longer. When using fabric softeners, be cautious because some softeners may weaken the sheet fabric, as it is similar to applying a coating of chemicals that makes your sheets softer but actually damages them.Washing sheets in hot water and drying them under direct sunlight would break the threads faster. If you wish to extend the life of your sheets, use lukewarm or cold water.
    • Weave: The weave of your bedsheet also adds to its comfort, look, and softness. The two most common forms of weaving are sateen and percale. Percale is a simple, matte weave with a fresh, cool feel, so it is practical for people who often get overheated while sleeping. Sateen, in contrast, is somewhat heavier and quite soft, with a gleaming, smooth finish that is almost satiny. If you are not certain which one you prefer, look for fabric swatches for a touch test.
      Bedsheets drying

    Jacquard weave is an intricate form of weave comprising a marginally raised area of needlework that can be felt with the hand. This is used to knit the designs into the bedsheets.

    Jersey weave comprises a knit fabric instead of woven. It is woven in a similar manner as t-shirts. These are delicate and comfy but are prone to shrinkage.

    Microfiber weave is a firmer weave made from artificial fibre. The solid weave makes the bedsheet hypoallergenic and water-resistant. This is particularly good for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

    Flannel weave offers a napped appearance on one or both sides, establishing a "fuzzy" and soft feel that is typical of this fabric. Flannel sheets are perfect for winter as the fuzzy weave retains body heat, and produces a warm, cozy, and fluffy feel.

    The damask weave is quite detailed, and the woven design is discernible on both sides. This is usually used to make bedsheets that are decorative and reversible.

    • Trendy bedding accessories: Even though spending time purchasing a set of decent bedsheets is worthwhile, sometimes, just picking up a set of simple bedsheets is good enough as you can accessorize them with decorative pillows, throws, duvet covers, comforters, and more. You can try something trendy, yet reasonably priced for pillow covers to add more zing to your bedroom.

    • Patterns: How your bedsheets look is vital as they will establish the look and feel of your room. Some of the most prevalent patterns in bedsheets are geometric, floral, ethnic, abstract, and stripes. If you want to experiment, you can go in for designs that are centered on a theme or motivated by observations of the world or artworks. Solid color bedsheets are also quite elegant and match with all sorts of room décor.

    • Make sure you buy sheets with the right fit: It is essential that you buy sheets of the correct size and fit. If not, you could end up purchasing something which is too big or too small. If your mattress is 38 x 75′′, you will need twin sheets.Full (double) sheets are 53 x 75′′; twin XL sheets are 38 x 80′′; king sheets are 78 x 80′′; queen sheets are 60 x 80′′; and California King sheets are 72 x 84′′.

    Make full use of the information and tips mentioned above and select the most elegant and comfortable bedsheets of your choice.

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