How to Refresh Your Bedroom After Monsoons

The tropical monsoon often arouses a feeling of nostalgia and emotion, sparking memories through sounds and sights that we relate with vitality and exuberance. It brings with it an invigorating moist aroma and permeates the air with its allure. Enjoyed by many, the weather often restricts us to our homes for extended periods. Whether it is a graceful drizzle or torrential downpour, the monsoon pushes us to stay in our dwelling and also generates trouble in the house, especially in the bedroom after a long spell of rain.

Be it the curtains, bedsheets, or any other part of the bedroom, one must do a thorough cleaning to get rid of the after-effects of the monsoon. Here are some simple tips that will help you brighten up your bedroom after the monsoon:

Prevent growth of mould and fungus on walls and mattresses:

If you find blackish growth on your walls or unused mattress, that’s mould. They materialize in moist and humid conditions such as in the basement, bathroom, and even the bedroom. To get rid of it, you must hire a professional, having the expertise in rainy season cleaning. However, you can take the following steps to prevent the growth of mould and fungus:

  • Vinegar and Borax solution can be applied on affected areas and cleaned
  • Bleach is a potent solution to remove mildew and mould from tiles, curtains, walls, and mats
  • Ensure appropriate air circulation in all rooms, you can also consider installing an exhaust fan for the same
  • Repair leaks
mattress protector

To protect your mattresses from mould and fungus, you can use a mattress protector that will keep the mattress clean, moisture-free and in good condition for a longer period and also prevent dust mite allergies from acting up.

  • Stop pest infestation:
    With monsoon, the environment turns humid, which is ideal for insects and other pests to thrive. Thus, you will see insects crawling in and around your house. While most of these pests are not dangerous, some of these bugs can ruin your furniture and walls and spread diseases. You can set up mosquito nets or mesh on all windows, doors, and ventilators to ensure air circulation while keeping mosquitoes and other flying insects out.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of electricals and pipes:
    Dishevelled electricals can trigger power cuts and short circuits or even electric shocks. Seek advice from an experienced electrician if you see any sign of loose electrical wiring during the monsoon season. Until then, use electrical tape to cover switchboards, hanging wires or fixtures after turning the main switch off.
    1. Ensure proper maintenance of the furniture:
      Wooden furniture brings in a sophisticated and antique charm, it also comes with loads of maintenance guidelines and involves rainy season scrubbing for humid locations. To protect your wooden furniture, apply a coat of polish or lacquer to prevent moisture from harming them. Also, make sure that the furniture is placed in a position that prevents long exposure to moisture. For fabric and leatherette sofas, you can consider a professional deep clean once the monsoons are over.
    2. Fix damp walls:
      During the rainy season, there is a possibility of rainwater seeping through walls. If you see wet patches on the ceiling, wall or on the corners, there could be a drainage block near that area. On the other hand, if the wall is damp and you are unsure where it has been set off, it implies that the room has surplus moisture build-up. Here, poor air circulation causes moisture to build up all over the wall.
      Fabric Cleaning

      To treat this problem, you can use sealant to cover the cracks on pipes and walls or you can opt for waterproof coating on the exterior to make a barrier for rain and moisture.

      In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can also do away with the gloom from your bedroom with the following tricks:

      • Decorate your windows with bright and light hues:
        Use translucent or bright coloured curtains as they allow light to stream inside the house. Get rid of those extravagant curtains and drapes as the persisting moisture can ruin the material.
      Refresh Your Bedroom After Monsoons
      • Add a swing to your bedroom:
        To appreciate nature, a swing in your bedroom balcony is a stylish idea. After a heavy spell of rain, it becomes difficult to go out of the house for an outing with the family. You can add some energy and soul to your bedroom with a swing and enjoy the weather at home with a hot cup of tea.
      • Create inviting nooks:
        The time after monsoon is best experienced in the relaxed setting of cozy nooks and corners that create enchanting experiences. Small patterns ubiquitous in city bedrooms pave the way for charming yet practical snug spots to relax and unwind.
      • Introduce aromatic sources:
        Bringing various aromatic sources in your living space aids in warding off moisture-induced mouldy odours that often build up in enclosed spaces. Scented candles, diffusers in citrus, aromatic essential oils, and eucalyptus notes can refresh your home.
      • Decluttering:
        encourages the free flow of positive energy in your bedroom. Cleaning up the mess visually improves areas that help us stay calm. The common trend of designing shelving corners in the house that displays books is a wonderful way to organize and liven up everyday

      These ideas will not only help revamp your spaces for the monsoon but will keep you engaged within the confines of your home.

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