Living on a Sofa? Here's How You Can Make It Better

A sofa is the cynosure of any household, especially since it turned into a backup for the dining table at several homes. It is a place where you often lie down peacefully after a hard day’s work. Your sofa is often the spot at home where all family members can sit together in comfort and watch TV. A good-quality and robust sofa can serve you for years, so it is essential to select one that complements your lifestyle and fits all your needs. It is a key part of your home’s furniture arrangement, therefore must be elegant and trendy.

Customizing Your Sofa as Per Your Preferences

Your décor reflects your individual style and distinctive affinities. That’s why we spend our time, energy, and wealth on designing the interiors. While undoubtedly, there are lots of factors that play a significant role in enhancing the appeal of your personal space, no aspect plays a greater role in defining the general aesthetic of your décor than sofas. Whether at home or at the workplace, the sofa you choose says a lot about your personality. Therefore, it makes sense to bring in a sofa that highlights your unique style.

When you customize your sofa, you are in complete control over the quality of materials used as you choose them yourselves. Also, since the sofa is not produced in bulk, more effort and time goes into the artistry to create the one-of-a-kind piece of custom-made sofa.

Customised Living Room Sofa

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Sofa

The type of fabric for your sofa must be determined based on how you plan to use it. Will your sofa be kept in the living room where your guests are often seated or in some other room where family members spend their time? If you keep your sofa in rooms that are occasionally used, it is better to go for cushions with textured blends. If you have pets and young children, smooth cotton fabric is ideal as you can easily wash them after spillage.

If you keep your sofa in the living room, go for sturdy fabrics such as foam or blends of microfiber. If your sofa is for a library or home office, you can use high thread count cotton. Duroflex has a wide range of fabric sofa sets crafted with reliable Duroflex foam that offers a seamless blend of durability and comfort. The premium fabric that we use is resistant to fading and pilling.

Ensuring the Perfect Set-up Around Your Sofa

Each seat of your sofa must have easy access to either a coffee table or a side table. Steer clear of layouts that make people move from their seats to get something. The table must have roughly the same height as the adjacent chair arms. If you use your laptop while seated on the sofa, make sure that the screen is at the correct height. For optimum viewing experience, keep your TV at least three metres from the sofa.

Set up your  Sofa

Disinfecting Your Sofa

Your upholstered sofa may often end up being the most unclean furniture piece, as it endures spills, dust, grime, and dirt every day. You must vacuum clean or disinfect your sofa once each week or as frequently as you vacuum clean the floor. You can also avail the services of a fabric sofa cleaning service at least once a year, depending on how dirty it gets or how often you use it.

A sofa is the most appealing spot to sit back and relax in the living room. A sofa is not only the focal point of a living room, but it also adds character to it. So, try these sofa tricks to give your living room that wow appeal!

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