A Buyer's Guide on Sofa Sets

The biggest and one of the most lasting investments that you will ever make on a type of furniture is often for a sofa set. A sofa can make or break the complete look of your living room. If selected properly, your living room could turn into a center of activity, whether spending a warm evening with your loved ones or watching a film with guests. So, you must give some thought before purchasing a sofa set.

Sofa sets of the highest quality feel robust and heavy. Many trusted brands also put their sofas through durability tests that resemble the actual day-to-day usage.

What are Sofas Filled with?

When it comes to the material used, most cushions in sofa sets have a core of polyurethane foam. If the foam is dense, it will be heavy and will last longer. Here’s a look at what are couches normally filled with:

  • Moulded Foam:
    Moulded foam filling is a solid alternative and involves minimal maintenance with intermittent flipping over to keep them looking new. The foam may lose its original density but will retain its shape over a longer period. These cushions offer a sleek appearance to the couch.
  • Hollow Fiber:
    Hollow fiber is an artificial material comprising void filaments that permit air to pass. It creates a well-upholstered cushion with a firm feel, which is appropriate for all cushions. It is also anti-allergic which makes it a decent substitute for people with allergies.
  • Feathers:
    Feathers are the most prevalent filling containing small feathers with a minor curl that behaves like spring support. They are cost-efficient and fit for all sorts of cushions.
  • Cold cured foam:
    Cold cured foam is a high-density polyurethane foam used in building reclining couches. This kind of cushion filling comprises purposefully placed air pockets all over the cushion that delivers long-term performance and comfort.
  • What are sofas filled with

    There are many other things that you must consider before purchasing a sofa set. Here’s a brief rundown on the key points:

    1. Fit and comfort: Before shopping for a sofa online, you must properly check its fit and comfort. There is no point in buying a couch if it does not fit your requirements well. If you wish to opt for a recliner couch, you must ensure that you feel relaxed in all positions. Another key issue is the seat depth. Opt for deep or shallow seats, based on the average heights of your loved ones who will be using the couch. The backrest must support your back when your feet are resting flat on the floor. If you like to take a nap on the couch, then lie down on the sofa and make sure whether you are comfortable enough to get a restful sleep.
    2. Room shape and size:
      The first aspect that must be observed while purchasing a sofa set is your room’s shape and size. Assess the space that you have designated for your sofa, considering the room’s size and shape. A good way to start is to note the couch’s rough measurements and mark them on the floor with chalk. This way you make sure that the couch will fit the space seamlessly.
    3. Material of the couch:
      The material used is one of the key facts to consider when buying a couch. With fabric, you will not only have more comfort, but it offers variety in terms of style and color. Another option is a leather sofa that comes with a longer life. A leather sofa needs little maintenance and is easy to clean. If you want something less expensive, then leatherette is also an option, which is an artificial form of leather. Leatherette sofas are water-resistant and can be easily cleaned. However, it is less durable. Duroflex sofas are made from premium fabric that is resistant to pilling and colour fading. Our sofa sets have cleared the European norms of durability and are tested against pilling and colour fading. The combined back and seat durability tests have been conducted for more than 25000 cycles.
    4. Joinery:
      Whether you prefer a leather couch or a fabric one, it is essential to look at the joinery. While how all the parts are put together may not be evident straight away, the technical specifications will have these details. Observe the frames combined together with wooden dowels, metal brackets or wooden corner blocks. Do not purchase a couch assembled with just glues and nails even if these are used to provide additional strengthening.
    5. Select a couch that matches your wall décor:
      All elements in a décor must complement each other for it to look impeccable. If the whole décor of your living room is remodeled, choose a couch that matches the home’s wall color and decor. Beige, grey, and white-colored sofas are ideal for a contemporary living room. But if your living room’s theme is old-fashioned, you will have to give more emphasis on refinement.
      Test the arms of the couch
    6. Test the arms of the couch:
      You must carefully assess the arms of the couch. A couch with a hardwood frame put together with dowels and corner brackets must be a good quality piece of furniture, but even for such furniture, it is important to examine the sofa’s arms strongly and make sure that they are sturdy and tight.

    A big portion of your budget will go towards furniture pieces such as a couch. However, it is possible to obtain a good-quality couch at a modest price if you know where to look.

    There are several alternatives available from which you can select an affordable one without bargaining on the quality and looks of the sofa. One simple choice is to go online for your sofa shopping. Shopping online is the ideal choice to find the top deals, offers available and discounts on sofas that will help you compare prices, materials, and the deals available and select the one that you like. At Duroflex, you will find a wide range of options in terms of price and type.

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