Make Your Home Office A WFH Haven

When the pandemic started, most businesses had to switch to remote working for the safety of their employees. While there was much uncertainty during this time, we were able to observe some major benefits to remote work, such as saving money on commute or enjoying improved productivity with more flexible schedules and a larger available talent pool without the restriction of physical location.

In today's modern age of technology and expanding empires, many companies around the globe are restructuring their financial efforts to invest more in their employees and less on building costs and maintenance. If you're thinking about how you can set up your very own home office, we've shared some prime tips below to help get you started.

Create the right WFH Habitat
Create the Right WFH Habitat:

You should create the right space to work at home with productivity in mind. Your WFH Habitat includes so many things! From furniture to peripherals, your habitat significantly affects your efficiency of work. Though making the space exactly office-like may not be feasible, you can consider buying foldable work & study desks, study table, study table with storage, or even a foldable table to fit in your requirement.

If your WFH workspace isn't as well-established as a dedicated office, you may end up fighting an uphill struggle simply to achieve your usual productivity standard.

Your internet connection is critical for your web work-from-home experience. If your work from home office is not in an inviting atmosphere, you’ll have a difficult time focusing on what’s important. Investing in a comfortable space that will help you immerse yourself in your work will help you be more productive.Take the time to make sure your workspace is the perfect fit for the sort of environment you want to be in when you work away from the office. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to decorating their personal homes. Hence, you can feel free to bring any sort of home décor you want but let’s make sure it feels comfortable for all involved.

Improve Personal Productivity:

Productivity is often defined in terms of what one can accomplish, but there are several possibilities to describe productivity in terms of what one gladly does. Even though momentum may be built over time by completing a typical 40-hour work week, progress is ultimately determined by how work is completed, not just by finishing it. Instead, building habits that support the goals of productivity yields much more satisfactory results.

Keep Your Work Space Away from the Bedroom:

When working from home, keep your work space separate from the bedroom. When your workspace is in the same room as your bed you can easily find yourself feeling guilty and overwhelmed for doing something as trivial as watching TV after hours on end which could affect your overall mood and make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.

Work has always been a means of self-reliance; however it’s not hard to feel like an overworked and exhausted cog in the wheel if you're constantly working. It's important to put your health first, and unwind and recharge your internal batteries!

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods:

In order to stay healthy, you have to make sure you get enough physical exercise. You may be surprised by the amount of time you spend sitting down at work or on the sofa during down time in your personal life. If you sit in one spot for over 20 minutes without taking a break and getting up and moving, studies show that your body may begin to tense up and even cramp, placing unneeded strain on joints and muscles in your back and legs.

Mental WellBeing:

One of the major things to consider when working from home is your mental wellbeing. Engaging with nature has been linked to helping lower cortisol levels, which have been shown to reduce stress and allow an individual to become more productive by up to 15% according to a study. Choosing furniture featuring natural elements for your desk whether that’s a wooden desk or chair or even pressed flowers on your wall art could help boost your mood and productivity levels.

Mental Well-being
Intelligent lighting:

Lighting has a significant impact on your productivity. If there isn't enough natural light, increase task and accent lighting using a variety of bulbs and colours that are appropriate for the activities at hand.

Use of Ergonomic Furniture:

If your job requires a lot of sitting or you spend a lot of time working from home, an ergonomic office chair is vital to ensuring that you continue to be productive and remain in good health throughout your career.


Many organizations find WFH beneficial and may make it a permanent setting, asking people to come to office only for important meetings or events. Working at the dining table for a while was alright, but it's time to set up your own work area. Having an office setup and providing a comfortable working atmosphere helps you get your job done quickly and painlessly and also alleviate and expand upon any pertinent stress which would otherwise seep into your personal life if allowed the opportunity.

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