Why Choosing the Correct Pillow Is Crucial for a Restful Night's Sleep

We spend around a third of our life with our head resting on a pillow. That is why choosing the right pillow is important. A good pillow should be appropriate for your body type, health, and sleeping habits. Hence, if you have been using the wrong pillow or a worn out pillow, now is the time to find the right pillow for you.

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A pillow is the primary source of the neck and back pain that affects one in four persons worldwide as per a study in the National Library of Medicine. For a restful night’s sleep, the shape and position of the pillow and sleeping position are quite important. The best sleeping position for neck pain is on the back or side. If one sleeps on the back, look for a contoured pillow with a cervical spine curve, where there is a little roll under the neck and a flatter spot for the head. If one sleeps on their side, a higher pillow is advised to keep the head in line with the spine and a pillow with a bump under the neck for support. Lie down directly on the mattress if you like to sleep on your stomach. For a sound night’s sleep, placing a flat cushion beneath the stomach aids in maintaining the alignment of the head, neck, and spine.

The type of pillow you use can have a significant impact on the health of your spine and cause back pain. You require a pillow that can support your upper body in a way that it keeps your spine in a neutral position while you sleep. When choosing a pillow, it’s important to consider your body’s size and shape, as well as the position you prefer to sleep in. It’s a sign to upgrade if you have to squeeze and fold a worn-out pillow every night to feel comfortable. In addition to promoting restful sleep, they support our heads and raise them to the same level as the rest of our bodies.

The time people spend travelling for work has significantly increased. Many people may have the ideal cushion for sleeping at home, but when travelling, the head posture can be maintained when sleeping upright in a sitting position with the help of an U-shaped pillow instead of maintaining a sideway bent head. When sleeping on one’s back or side with a flat pillow, placing a small towel that has been tightly coiled under the neck offers additional support.

A pillow placed between the knees while receiving side support aids in maintaining proper spinal alignment with the head and neck. Even if your pillow isn’t worn out or deflated, it still might not be the ideal option for your comfort and support. At Duroflex we offer two types of pillows: Duropedic pillows and Energise pillows. Are you trying to find a pillow that can relieve pressure? A duropedic pillow is the best option in that case. The rising need for better head and neck support inspired the development of the Duropedic pillow range. What if your pillow could rejuvenate you each time you wake up? The Duroflex Energise pillow set enhances your bedtime routine with plush support and excellent comfort. Check out the range here.

The next crucial element is a pillow’s substance, which is entirely a matter of preference. Support for the spine can be provided with a memory foam cushion, which compresses around the head and neck. Although the pillows are comfortable and one has deep, restful sleep, in the long run, one may develop allergies; for this reason, it is advised to choose a decent pillow fill. When you sleep with a pillow that is too high, your head, neck, and spine are not properly aligned, which can lead to neck, back, and spine problems. Not just that, it can also lead to neck stiffness.

The best solution is to buy a pillow online and take safety precautions by trying it out before purchasing it by sleeping on it and testing it. An orthopaedic pillow can aid in promoting proper spinal alignment and easing pain. Your head, neck, and shoulders will be supported by the ideal cushion, keeping them in alignment with your spine. This can help you get better sleep and avoid pain. Blood flow can be slowed down by strained muscles, making it more difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach cells. Fatigue, headaches, and other issues may result from this. Fortunately, a top-notch orthopaedic pillow can ease muscular tension and support the neck while promoting better circulation. Relaxing the neck muscles improves circulation and makes it easier for oxygen and nutrients to get to the brain. An orthopaedic pillow can therefore aid in enhancing general health and wellbeing. If you are looking for an orthopedic pillow, check out our range of orthopedic pillows to buy them online here.

All these factors in choosing a good pillow help one sleep well at night and thereby wake up fresh and fit to face the day.

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