How to Avoid Night Sweats and Get Cool Refreshing Sleep this Summer

As peak summer sets in, many of us start experiencing night sweats. Heavy night sweating can disrupt your sleep more often than not. We start tossing and turning in the sweltering environment and observe the time pass by. If you go through this prolonged sleep deprivation often, it can sap your energy and unsettle your day-to-day life. Thankfully, there are solutions to help you cool down at night and sleep peacefully. The ideal way is to reconsider all key factors that impact your sleep. This comprises your mattress, the bedroom environment, and your everyday life.

What Causes the Body to Overheat at Night?

There are several reasons that trigger night sweats. Here are a few common ones:

  • Activity:
    Strenuous exercise sets off the thyroid gland to release hormones to sustain the enhanced activity. This change can unsettle your body’s regulation of temperature and cause night sweats.
  • Hormones:
    Fluctuating estrogen levels disrupt the functioning of the part of the brain that controls body temperature. Consequently, women’s body temperature can shift with their menstrual cycles.
  • Medications:
    Several medications can also stimulate night sweats as a side effect. For example, medications for diabetes are known to cause night sweats.
  • Health problems:
    Certain health issues can also lead to night sweats such as thyroid imbalance, anxiety, and low blood sugar.
  • An Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool at Night

    Read on to understand how you can avoid night sweats and get refreshing sleep this summer:

    1. Perfect cooling sheets:
      Whether tackling summer heat or night sweats, cooling sheets are the best defence. If your sheets don’t soak up moisture, you will feel hot. Cooling sheets adjust body temperature all through the night. Some of the fabrics used for cooling bed sheets include bamboo, Tencel, and cotton.
      Cooling sheets
    2. Prepare ahead of time:
      Set up your bedroom well before you go to bed as that will help you get through hot summer nights. Set your air conditioner at the right temperature for sleeping. Keep your bedroom blinds closed during the day so your room is cool when it is time to hit the bed.
    3. Use cooling mattress toppers:
      Cooling mattress toppers can efficiently cool your bed without having to buy a new mattress. However, mattress toppers cannot keep all hot sleepers comfortable since the material used and how they are made ascertain their effectiveness.
    4. Ensure appropriate cross-ventilation:
      If you don’t have an air conditioner, keep your windows and doors open to generate natural cross-ventilation, as it eliminates heat from accumulating. To attain decent cross-breeze, open windows directly across from one another. This technique ensures better air circulation, and the hot air goes rapidly out of your room and the cool air replaces it.
    5. Use a coir mattress:
      Coir absorbs moisture in the air and allows it to circulate through the mattress, giving it a nice cool feeling. This ensures that irrespective of the summer heat, you can enjoy a refreshingly cool sleep
      use coir mattress
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