Bring Home the Feeling of a Luxury Hotel Bed

Let’s accept this: Most of us have a soft spot for a fancy luxury hotel bed that comes with its extravagant amenities. The opulent comforters, soft white bedsheets, and those extra pillows lend the hotel beds a luxurious experience. What if we told you it is possible to recreate the same experience in your bedroom?

Identifying the Ideal Mattress

Start by changing your old mattress with a spring mattress, as it will give you the feeling of weightlessness as you sink into the bouncy bed. Based on your inclination, you could choose one among plush, medium, or firm spring mattresses. Several luxury hotels have exclusively manufactured mattresses, with spring being the predominant variety.

At Duroflex, you will find a wide range of spring mattresses, with Rise Spring Soft Mattress and Velocity Pocket Spring Mattress being the most popular.

Identifying the ideal mattress

Velocity Pocket Spring Mattress is the right mattress for people looking for one that offers gentler support. The medium-firm mattress comes with an innovative 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer. This mattress has springs on the inside that separates each spring individually. This way, couples don't disturb each other when they move about in their sleep! Zonal pressure distribution and proper support with the right amount of bounce, and a fabric imbued with Carbon to fend off negative ions for a positively charged sleep are other features of this mattress.

You can also customize the size and height of these mattresses as per your preference.

Create the Feel of a Luxury Hotel Room by Trying Out New Bedsheets, Pillows, & Comforters

A new set of top-quality crisp cotton bed linen freshly washed and pressed always makes a good impression. Check the quality of the fabric before purchasing. Iron the sheets using a linen spray with a touch of rose or lavender essential oils, and you will genuinely feel like you are resting in the lap of extravagance. You can also apply the oil to your pillows and comforters. A fresh sheet and a calming linen spray facilitate a peaceful night's sleep.

Create the feel of  luxury hotel

If you wish, you can also squeeze in a comforter, and once you get used to it, you will be amazed how you managed to sleep each night without one. For some additional fluffiness, you can use a comforter that's a few inches longer on each side.

The best hotels typically have two to four down pillows, two fiber filled pillows, and possibly a few ornamental ones as well. Get as many as you wish and accessorize them with some elegant shams.

With these ideas, you won’t have to book a room to experience the five-star life, as you will be able to create the impression of a luxury hotel at home. Make your bedtime feel special by dimming the lights, listening to soulful music, and pulling back your sheets.

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