Managing Anxiety: Tips From A Psychiatrist

Nobody is untouched by stress and anxiety-related issues due to the global pandemic we are in the middle of. We are all anxious about the future and are dealing with stress related to work, finances, house chores or relationships. While it is easy to let the negativity get to you, it might also be worth it to remember there is always hope and a way to seek help. We at Duroflex strongly believe in the power of restful sleep in combating most stress and anxiety-related issues and this is further strengthened in our conversation with an eminent psychiatrist Dr. Shraddha Gandhi. In her exclusive web therapy session, she speaks about the power of sleep and other simple self-care approaches to reduce stress. The session also explores the basics of dealing with anxiety and finding calm in the chaos. Watch on to understand how a few simple self-care tips can contribute towards achieving a relaxed state of mind.

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