7 Reasons Why Sleep is So Important for Millennials

Too exhausted and usually tired, most millennials remain unperturbed by the importance of sleep. Can you guess why? Being the busiest and the most competitive generation, today’s 24 - 35 year olds are all struggling to commit to a healthy sleep routine in the race to get more out of life. This common lifestyle choice has been a silent contributor in making India the second most sleep-deprived country in the world.

Sleep deprivation is a consistent lack of sleep or quality of sleep. Most adults need a good 7-8 hours of sleep daily to function at their best. Inability to catch 7 hours of sleep every day has many negative consequences on the overall health of an individual. Interestingly most of us fail to develop an idea as to how lack of sleep is affecting our body and instead continue to humble brag about our exhaustion.

What keeps millennials awake?

Bedtime has slowly become synonymous with checking Instagram, scrolling through endless feeds, revisiting online wish-lists and binging on a season or two on Netflix and beyond. Friday night FOMOS are real and the fear of not being ubiquitously connected is something most of us take with us to bed.

It doesn’t end here! There is work pressure and the constant anxiety attached to it due to the competitive environment and financial liabilities that concerns most millennials. Losing sleep to finish a presentation or to meet a deadline is a testament to one’s genuine commitment to work. Even if one is free from it all, there are the ones who are still learning to manage their time and succumb to the never ending struggle of choosing between sleep and work.

This newly inherited lifestyle has also led to development of poor eating habits. Quick snacking, dining out and irregular meal timings are also major contributors to poor sleep.

Why is sleeping better important?

Good sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising regularly. It is what helps our body restart, recover and rejuvenate.

With the ‘hustle-culture’ impacting the sleep quality of young adults quite unknowingly, a lot of us have sabotaged our own health and career by losing sleep and telling ourselves that it is worth it.

While a lot of millennials might actually be dedicating more than 7 hours to sleep everyday, the quality of sleep still remains questionable. Loss of sleep quality and quantity leads to poor concentration, short-term memory and diminished cognitive abilities They are also three times more likely to be depressed, as confirmed by a recent study.

In a nutshell, a healthy and regular sleep pattern might actually be your key to success and here are our ten reasons to substantiate it.

  1. Sleep improves productivity
    It is a fact that you will be less productive at work if you are tired and sleep-deprived. A routine of yawing at the desk and nodding your way out of the meetings is an indication of poor work performance.
    A healthy sleep routine on the other hand lets your brain process information faster and better. You are able to retain facts and are less likely to make errors.
  2. Sleep boots creativity
    Sleep feeds creativity and is an underrated medium that helps synthesize ideas. Many scientific studies have stressed the importance of REM sleep in sparking creative solutions to problems. ‘Sleep on it’ does seem to work after all.
  3. Sleep enhances your memory & concentration
    Quality sleep helps you cement all the learnings from the day and solidify memories. The information in our brain cells gets converted from short to long-term memory as we sleep. That’s why a sleep-deprived individual is not able to think straight as his or her cognitive performance is compromised.
  4. Sleep improves your mood
    Have you experienced irritability, anger and crankiness on days you are not able to catch enough sleep? These dramatic effects become a chronic way of life for people who fail to fix their sleep patterns.
    Sleep instantly rebounds mood and makes you feel energetic, positive and also pleasant to interact with.
  5. Sleep contributes to overall health
    Sleep improves our quality of life. It is critical to achieve overall mental and physical well-being as it decreases risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other health complications that largely affect us.
  6. Sleep enhances immune function
    Our body releases proteins called cytokines as we sleep. These cytokines regulate our immune response and help the body fight infections and illnesses. Sleep deprivation can decrease the cytokine production and have you become vulnerable to harmful viruses and bacterias.
  7. Sleep combats stress & anxiety
    People who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia are more likely to develop anxiety and depression. Whereas improving your sleep and sleep quality can actually help reduce anxiety and stress. Setting up a consistent wake up and bedtime helps a lot in such cases and so does seeking professional help.
    While millennials are present with unlimited sleep challenges, there is no doubt that having a consistent sleep pattern is key to maintaining not just a good work-life balance but also for staying healthy and high-spirited.
    We at Duroflex, have many technological innovations that are engineered specifically to cater to millennials and their fast-paced lifestyle. These sleep solutions are designed to bring home an enriching sleep experience that is both restorative and research-backed.
    Here is a quick take-through for all the millennials who want to work on their sleep routine:
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3. Certified Back Support

Young adults are more prone to back and neck problems that now start to crop up at quite an early age due to the modern lifestyle. It makes it extremely critical to build a back-friendly sleep space so that the body gets to rest and recover during the night. Our Duropedic range is India’s only certified range of orthopedic mattresses that offer advanced support your back needs for daily postural correction and rejuvenation. This range is tested and recommended by the experts at the National Health Academy

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