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Your quest for a genuine orthopedic mattress ends with our Duropedic range. The result of pioneering research in collaboration with renowned orthopedists, the Duropedic range offers the most advanced orthopedic support system available in India today, the 5 Zoned Support System. It cradles the body, offers differentiated support, corrects posture, refreshes the spine and gives a rejuvenating sleep experience. Duropedic is India’s only certified orthopedic mattress. It is tested and recommended by the experts at the National Health Academy. So don’t let your back hold you back in life.
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Prominent Features

5 Zoned Certified Orthopedic Support

Our body is divided into 5 zones and to truly support the body and align the spine, each of these zones needs different levels of support as they exert different weight.

Certified by National Health Academy

Duropedic range has the seal of approval from the experts at the National Health Academy, a renowned medical research body making this range India’s only certified orthopedic mattress range.

Memory Foam

A specialised foam with properties that confirms and contours to your body, cradling and cushioning it . This lush foam, relieves body pressure and enhances muscle relaxation and blood circulation for a deeply beneficial sleep.
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Our product team is right here to provide expert assistance and address your doubts and concerns via easy live chat
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